The Amazing Race recap: Naked Ambition

One team strips, another is foiled and Franked (again)
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 25, 2012

FISHY BUSINESS Natalie and Nadiya finish strong (smelling) in tonight's game-changer.

Cliff Lipson/CBS

The straggler group arrived at the pretty U-Turn setting and Abbie and Ryan had a legit jaw-drop moment when they saw the Chippendales had U-Turned them (and realized there was no U-Turn left for them to use on their BFFs, the Beekman Boys). Abbie is so over this - for real now, you guys. The despondent team then headed out into the rain to do that wretched organ challenge, where there were now basically zero passersby on the street. Abbie, faux-joyfully dancing and on the verge of tears the entire time, was devastating. And that hug! Best moment of the episode.

I enjoyed the way Brent kicked Josh's ass and forced him to keep racing even though Josh's instinct was to stick with Abbie and Ryan at all costs - though this doesn't match up with Brent telling A&R that he would have had them U-Turn them so they could have stuck together the rest of the leg. I guess he could afford to offer it since it was moot. So what if The Beekmans aren't going to win. They shouldn't sacrifice themselves so completely just because they're "not a threat" as Ryan put it. Race on, sweet fellows. BTW, I'm just about to finish Josh's book. It is some funny, outrageous shiz.

What about that Switchback Roadblock? I didn't watch season 12 but I gather from one of Phil's tweets that tonight's racers fared a lot better at this challenge than the Racers from that season. I'd have loved to try it myself. But surely I wasn't the only one who was terrified someone was going to impale themselves? I only wish we could have seen the Twins tackle that challenge. Imagine the hoopla!

Anyway, it's late. I've eaten all the pie left in this house. Real quick though: Did you enjoy Jaymes' "This is Holland, the capitol of Amsterdam!" And Josh's ditch-vaulting, just in general - and the digger he took running to the challenge? I did. (Except it's less funny if he's really injured, so we'll see.)

Next week, it's Spain for some bull action and Tennis Anyone?

In the meantime, what did you think of tonight's episode and Abbie and Ryan's elimination? Anyone think the Beekman Boys should have waited for their partners in crime? And what did you think of the Chippendales use of the U-Turn?  Are Trey and Lexi becoming more and more invisible to you like they are to me? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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