The Amazing Race recap: Naked Ambition

One team strips, another is foiled and Franked (again)
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 25, 2012

FISHY BUSINESS Natalie and Nadiya finish strong (smelling) in tonight's game-changer.

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Man, was there a lot of tension in the air tonight. The U-Turn was looming and it had everyone on edge.

Teams were on their own for flight arrangements and here's how it went:

The Twins flew through Rome after pleading with the ticketing agent to sell them an itinerary with just an hour layover. Girls, haven't you learned a lesson from Abbie and Ryan? Guess not, but their travel went off as awesomeballs as they could have hoped, and they were the first to land in Amsterdam. The Chips snagged two of the three remaining seats on a direct flight that landed about 45 minutes later. Once Team Texas figured out which country they were going to, they flew via Larnaca and landed less than an hour later after that. Abbie and Ryan, who were wary about connecting through Frankfurt again or ever even speaking of hotdogs, booked two flights out of Frankfurt just in case, which was a fancy and smart move that I never realized was allowed. Of course since Frankfurt is a black hole for Abbie and Ryan, they ended up missing their first connecting flight and having their second one delayed for mechanical reasons. In the end, A&R were delayed a couple hours (they're so over it, OK?), and by the time they landed in Amsterdam had run into the last-place Beekman Boys who had just arrived via Oslo.

It was a bittersweet reunion for this little family of stragglers. The foursome seemed rejuvenated at the sight of one another yet deflated to once again be the little family of stragglers. Abbie and Ryan were especially down. The Beekmans are ultra non-competitive and just seem to be having a blast meeting people and traveling around loving each other. But for Abbie and Ryan, this was supposed to be their leg to get back on top. Where they belong. Whatever, they're so over it, alright?

The Twins went for the Fast Forward, which involved them taking a ride on The Floating Dutchman busboat where they 'd have seven minutes to eat five raw herring each. For the second time this season, the Twins were smeared in fish. Would you say this challenge was grosser or less gross than the frog fallopian tubes? I cannot even think about it enough to vote; my gag reflex kicked in watching both. Let's just say I think the Chippendales should be grateful that the Twins spared them this challenge. I feel it might have ended badly for them. Plus, this way Chips had the stomach for that fun little jaunt down the canal in a motorboat and the platter of poffertjes.

The Detour was "Back in Time," where Racers would have to recreate Rembrandt's "The Night Watch" using live extras, or "Organ to Grind" in which one team member would have to operate a hand-crank organ while the other would prance about and procure 30 Euros in tips. Organ to Grind was similar to the tea-selling roadblock back in Istanbul, except that in this challenge, the location looked to be kind of desolate, and racers had to try to get their tips while selling nothing other than the excruciating, mind-numbing sound of organ music.

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