The Amazing Race recap: A Chance For Redemption

Teams put on their thinking caps and dance belts and got a chance to strut their stuff
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 18, 2012

JAYMES FOR PRESIDENT! Jaymes and James drew upon brain and brawn (i.e. Chippendales dance training) to eke out a first place finish.

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The first stop was an auditorium at an agricultural academy, a.k.a. the domain of THE PROFESSOR.

On their way there, teams encountered fantastic cab drivers. There was Trey and Lexi's guy who was dressed as a chain-smoking Randy Jackson. There was the Chips' dude whose mellow side just wanted to enjoy some pastry and coffee and hangout time with the boys, yet whose impeccable taxi-driver side got Jaymes and James to the location so early that the door was still closed, with a "Beyoncé at 8 o'clock" sign on it. Yes, they're both Jameses, can you even stand it? Then there was Twins' driver, who, like every taxi driver in the world, adored them and wanted to show it by taking them to McDonald's, which he was too fat for.

Oh, a quick word about unmarked taxis for anyone who's interested. I noticed a lot of them the past two episodes so I asked my brother, who's lived in Moscow, to school me. He said in Russian cities unofficial taxis, a.k.a. Chastniki, far outnumber official taxis. The drivers -- who are usually unemployed or under-employed -- just drive around searching for fares. It's been the norm for years, he said, and is a relic of the Soviet era when there were black/grey markets abound and people would try to make extra cash any way they could.


The roadblock was "Who's in the zone?", a challenge that involved racers getting a quick glimpse at a map of the county's different time zones, another quick glimpse of a map of some cities, and then having to calculate the local time in various cities based on a given time in Moscow.

Enough about the task itself, though. THE PROFESSOR was everything.


I loved Lexi and Jaymes giggling together in the lecture hall like delinquent students as they were told again and again "NOT CYORRECT!" Eventually Lexi figured out the error in their reasoning. That Lexi! "Don't let the pompoms fool ya," Jaymes said. Ain't it the truth.

Here Jaymes was explaining the correct way to calculate the time zones and James was thinking where am I and why is water falling from the sky?

Then THE PROFESSOR pulled out the pièce de résistance, his fake-out shtick. "I'M RYEALLY SYORRY.... BUT YOU WIN!" Did he learn that from Simon Cowell?

The Twins used their Express Pass to skip this challenge, and though that obviously was the right move, boy would I have enjoyed seeing them interact with this man. Imagine the hijinks!

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