The Amazing Race recap: Russian Around

A cliffhanger episode leaves unfinished business and questions
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2012

DARK HORSE? No one seems too threatened by Team Texas, but maybe they should be.

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What? Our most competitive team is going to race as a unit with the Beekmans simply because they're both in the back of the pack? It seemed totally bonkers, not to mention totally out of character for Abbie and Ryan to ever go for this. I'm suspicious of producer intervention here. The way the four all laughed awkwardly after shaking hands made me even more so.

Back in Moscow, it was time for a Roadblock that was, quite possibly, even more boring to watch than the library challenge. You know when you're walking into a place with someone and they take out their keychain and aren't sure which key to use so you wait while they try out various keys, and they go "Sorry about this" and you go "No problem" and while you're waiting you kind of poke around aimlessly or check your phone or do whatever to avoid breathing down the person's neck while they're trying all the different keys? Well, ta-da, there you have this challenge. Sounds compelling, right? Jaymes had it right when he lay down on his pack and took a little rest on the ground while James put keys in locks.

Lexi, babe, don't go getting too many ideas about getting hitched! (That's her and Trey's favorite game to play.)

Natalie and Nadiya bickered like crazy during this challenge. I enjoyed when Natalie accused Nadiya of being the worst partner ever, and Nadiya replied "You're the worst partner ever, too." I could totally see the six-year-old versions of them. They're right that they fight and make up like a married couple. "So it's the perfect relationship," Nadiya concluded, to which Natalie added "Yeah" with a face that said no sir. They remind me of those senior couples in When Harry Met Sally who sit on the couch and talk to camera -- echoing each other, contradicting each other, talking over each other and generally just being in each others' heads.

Trey and Lexi finished first at the Pit Stop, the Chips second, and the Twins third. When are the Twins going to stop with the "anything but first place isn't good enough for us"? Nyet, OK? Bigger issues were afoot: the Rockers' had once again misplaced something, and this time it was their bags and passports which they'd left in a taxi that was... well... somewhere in Moscow. Without documentation, of course, they couldn't check in at the mat for what would have been a fourth place finish (Visions of Justin and Zev dance in my head...).

Around this time our stragglers, who had finally made it to town, were ready for the Detour. They wanted to do the library challenge, but the library was closed for the day (Nice attention to detail, Ryan!) so to the pool it was. Abbie and Ryan were predictably amazing and seemed to master the routine in no time. But who cares how quickly they finished because their plan was to sit and wait for the Beekmans who were possibly NEVER EVER GOING TO FINISH THE CHALLENGE. I'm so confused and ever-so-slightly annoyed in advance at whatever antics may be at play here. Anyway, Josh -- in a move that I loved and that made him look completely crazy -- wore glasses in the water. Brent, it turned out, not only cannot remotely dive, but also can't really swim either; he is a legit doggie paddler and honestly could not have been more adorable splashing around the pool in his flowered cap, gasping for air and flopping around. Josh helping Brent somersault in the water had to have been one of my favorite moments of the night. The episode ended before we got to see how they ended up faring - but something tells me that no matter what happens, these guys did not quit and talked about how they don't quit while they were busy not quitting.

TO BE CONTINUED! So much is pending. Hold on to your seats.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you as weirded out as I was by the pact between the two last place teams? Do you think the Rockers has any chance of finding their stuff and staying in the Race? Excited to hear your thoughts.

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