The Amazing Race recap: Russian Around

A cliffhanger episode leaves unfinished business and questions
Ep. 07 | Aired Nov 11, 2012

DARK HORSE? No one seems too threatened by Team Texas, but maybe they should be.

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The Rockers initially chose "Alphabetize," but after trying it for about three seconds, threw in the towel and headed to the pool. As Abba put it, "I think I'd rather drown." Team Texas also went for "Alphabetize," and Lexi, who at first was alarmed that "Everything is in Russian!" quickly got down to business with that irrepressible can-do attitude of hers, and ultimately she and Trey did a great job recasting the Cyrillic letters into ones they could understand, like "g", "3" and Pi. Basically they created a code that made sense to them, which was smart and the only way to go.

Swimming, yeah!

Can I just say how fascinated I was by the Russian girls' pink swimsuits? The backs were not quite thongs but not quite full bum coverage either - just a physics-defying cut in between the two where the material somehow knew to rest magically and securely right at mid-butt cheek without ever sliding into a wedgie the way you'd think it would.

Also, it's simply impossible for me to see synchronized swimming without thinking of this.

The Chips, in their flowered bathing caps, tiny trunks and Chippendales collars were a chlorine dream. Outfits-wise and counts-of-eight-wise, they immediately felt right at home. But soon they realized that dancing and doing acrobatics to music while treading water while being coached in another language by an exacting woman in sensible slacks is NOT easy at all. Also, James seems to have been taught to dive by a Labrador Retriever. For a few minutes there I was worried about this challenge and wondered if it was going to be like the Bollywood routine from last season which nearly killed dear Mark dead. But it really wasn't.

The Twins were frustrated by the lack of English, the claustrophobia and the leg-touching with strangers. They seemed like quick studies to me, though, and looked pretty good out there right off the bat. But it still took awhile for them to get the coach's thumbs up, and they would have bailed and used their Express Pass if Jaymes hadn't convinced them not to. He was right; it would have been a waste since there was/is little chance the Twins could possibly be eliminated on this leg. Jaymes should welcome other teams making poor strategy decisions; most other competitors would have just kept their mouth shut in that instance. But that's just not him. Our Jaymes is a good egg.

I liked how when the Rockers entered the pool area, the coach said "I'm already afraid." Man. It was pretty rough. And awesome to watch. At least the water was easier on Abba's knees than any other physical challenge would have been. Poor dude. The coach reluctantly and mercifully gave them the green light after the Rockers had attempted the routine approximately one zillion times.

Meanwhile, at the airport in Warsaw, a serious family meeting took place. "We have an issue," Ryan said, referring to what, exactly, I cannot say. I'm just going to pretend they asked for my input here. WHEN YOU GET TO MOSCOW, GET OFF THE PLANE. THEN KEEP RACING. ABBIE AND RYAN, YOU TRY TO BEAT THE BEEKMANS SO YOU CAN KEEP COMPETING FOR TWO MILLION DOLLARS. BEEKMANS, YOU TRY TO BEAT ABBIE AND RYAN. THE END, YOU'RE WELCOME. But no. It wasn't that simple, apparently, and the two teams made a pact to race together for the duration of the leg. "It's always better in the race to stay with another team, for comfort," Ryan -- or a cyborg posing as Ryan -- said.

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