The Amazing Race recap: The Windmills of Bertram's Mind

A little beach, a little bull and lots of balls in the air in season 21's penultimate episode
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 2, 2012

HANDY MENĀ Josh and Brent got smashed at the roadblock but finished strong.

Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Twins struggled here and were surprised that the "gimpy guys" passed them so easily. Overall, between the driving, the tennis and the construction, this leg sure wasn't their shining moment. At least the Twins don't blame others when they fall short. They took responsibility for their less-than-stellar performance, saying "we did this all by ourselves to ourselves" and "we could have beat the gays here and we didn't," and, as they've done before, they vowed to step it up and get their shiz together moving forward. Surely the Twins had predicted a non-elimination leg, because they didn't seem too bent out of shape by their fourth place finish (though there's no room for complacency or dismissing the strength of the Beekmans or the potential disaster that could be caused by their upcoming Speed Bump).

That headless greeter was creepy! Did she and Phil chit-chat through her shirt in between racers' arrivals?

In third place were the Beekmans, a.k.a. "the little train that could" accompanied by my second favorite line of the night, from Josh: "It's just hard to kill us, I think," which was delivered in perfectly Beekman-esque style, which is to say self-deprecating and tinged with just the faintest glimmer of pride. In second place were the Chips with a reminder that they're racing to change their families' worlds. And in first place were Trey and Lexi, and all I have to say about them at this point is I'm just really glad Trey is speaking more, yay, Trey.

Next week: the two-hour finale! It's being previewed as the "dream team alliance versus the ultimate underdogs" with a dash of bungee jumping, a little farming and Lexi getting bonked again, this time on the head. My fingherrrrrrrrrr!!!

What did you think of tonight's episode?

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