The Amazing Race recap: The Windmills of Bertram's Mind

A little beach, a little bull and lots of balls in the air in season 21's penultimate episode
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 2, 2012

HANDY MENĀ Josh and Brent got smashed at the roadblock but finished strong.

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The Coves de Campanet, where the next clue was "hidden," seemed pretty cool with all the stalagmites or stalactites or whatever and the lovely guitar music echoing throughout. "I love caves!" Lexi exclaimed as if caves are one of her hobbies, and it was in that moment I realized how frankly exhausted of her I've become. The only thing of note to happen here was the best line of the night, delivered by one of the Twins in response to the other who asked how the Beekmans had gotten their hands on a map. "I don't know, they're super-prepared, they're gay." Be more gay, girls!

The detour that came next was "Spin it" or "Bull it."

"Bull it" would require teams to visit a 1000-year-old bull-fighting arena, crouch into into a two-person bull costume and charge around, butting eight capes in under two minutes. Team Texas was the only one to tackle this one, and from the way it was edited, it seems like they got it after two attempts, though who knows if that's how it went. It did seem easy, though - so long as you kept your fingers out of the way. Because Lexi's finger only got mildly slashed, I felt justified in fully enjoying her whimpering wails of "My fingherrrrrrr!" I watched it twice and it's likely I'll go back for more later tonight. It reminded me of how when I was in the sixth grade this girl in the classroom next door somehow got her lip stuck on one of those peel-top Lincoln apple juice cans during lunch one day - and she ran through all the adjoining classrooms with her lip attached to the can screaming "MY LIP, MY LIP!" My brother, thank God, was witness to this, too, and what can I say, it has enriched our lives - we like to remember it now and again. My fingherrrrrrrr!

By the way I liked those cute booties that came with the bull outfit.

In "Spin it" teams had to repair a 400 year old windmill by attaching two giant blades to it using screws and whatnot. The Chips were in their element here. What with the tool belts and hard hats they looked and felt right at home. "Working at Chippendales, we may have seen a construction outfit a time or two," Jaymes said. Then in a comment that doubled as one of the only things James has said this season and one of the funniest, he added "Yeah, I may have swung a styrofoam hammer here or there." These two kicked the crap out of this "man work" and were out of there in no time.

In a perfect example of the Beekman's surprising ferocity on this race, they, too rocked the goat balls off this challenge. Turns out if you run a farm, you get good at construction -- turbines, tractors -- and Josh and Brent were at their Beekman best here. In skills, yes, but also 'tude: "Whatever competitive drive that I have kicked in when we saw the Twins," Josh said. "I knew in my heart that we'd be better." Cocky and I like it!

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