The Amazing Race recap: The Windmills of Bertram's Mind

A little beach, a little bull and lots of balls in the air in season 21's penultimate episode
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 2, 2012

HANDY MENĀ Josh and Brent got smashed at the roadblock but finished strong.

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The overnight ferry looked fun and freezing. In general, I wish we got to see more footage of the teams in transit sometimes. Like on this overnight ferry, for instance, since it occurred unexpectedly in the middle of a leg. I'm always curious how the teams spend their time. Who slept? Who went and found some snacks? Who pored over maps? Who studied phrase books (sweet Jaymes, obvi)? Who sat on the windy observation deck all night long while drumming their fingers together and devising schemes and cackling muwhahahahaha?

Imagine being short on sleep and having to face those devils and demons at the cathedral. Yikes. Those crouching, screeching, flame-wielding, teeth-gnashing creatures were scary! I enjoyed seeing the Beekmans approach them with their genteel, mild-mannered ways, politely inquiring "Do you have the clue?" as if there were not horns and ACTUAL FIRE up in their mugs.

Meanwhile, the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is driving. How do you not learn how to drive stick when you're going on The Amazing Race? It makes me so annoyed I will not discuss it further. I think Natalie should sue her twinny for slackerness. No, stop, I said I will not discuss it further!

On to the tennis center where the Roadblock was "Who wants to get smashed?" The challenge was to hit the courts and return 20 balls from a machine that served 'em up pretty fast.

It's easy if you wear a handband, so Trey took it on the challenge for Texas and completed it in no time. James hadn't played since fifth grade but soon got the hang of it, too, because he is a well-rounded athlete, and was out of there quickly. BO-RING.

From the tennis-challenged Twins we heard a backstory about how their parents tried to enroll them in tennis lessons as kids but they mischiefed their way out of class every week by jumping into the adjacent pool in their tennis clothes and getting too drenched to be allowed back onto the clay courts. Well fancy fancy. Also, seems to match up with the same Twinnies we know today. Also, I liked when Nadiya asked her sister if she (Nadiya) was right- or left-handed.

Luckily we had the Beekmans to entertain us here. Right off the bat, I loved that Brent read the clue "Who wants to get smashed" and looked expectantly at Josh who kind of shrugged and said in that sad, resigned way of his, "I do." These lambs slay me! But seriously, why didn't Brent take this one? Josh's ankle was just healing. Strategery, you guys! Anyway, what followed was so delightful. I should clarify: I'm not happy Josh's ankle hurt. I did feel sorry for him. I think it's clear as day I love Josh and want to cradle him in my arms and rock him gently to and fro all the livelong day. But, this was crazypants. The grunting at every stroke. The moaning! All the "ow"s and "oh"s as he frantically bopped all over the court, and this line: "Brent, this is not gonna go good." Add to that the zany sound effects production added, particularly the TENNIS FAIL bonks and thuds and cartoon sounds of whizzing by. Then there was Brent on the sidelines watching this mayhem and discussing Josh's failure to control his anxiety levels and it all just amounted to pure comedy gold. When Josh finally earned the clue and panted "I feel like I just won the Olympics," I wanted to stand up and cheer. "Just like Rafael," Brent quipped -- a reference to Nadal -- and right there were the Beekmans Boys in a nutshell, the end.

NEXT: "It's like a big, giant ceiling fan."

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