The Amazing Race recap: Hump Day

Teams dress camels for a beauty pageant and try to avoid the Double U-Turn in Abu Dhabi
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 17, 2013

CAMEL D'OH! Pinky and her punching bag size up the pageant participants, most of which Marie deems "busted."


Anyway, nope, Nicky and Kim are the last to arrive at the rafting pleasure zone, plus they need to complete a Speed Bump since they finished last at the end of last week's non-elimination leg. Really, what else is there to do in the desert than conquer various man-made obstacle courses -- so the Bunninjas must swim from one end of a wave pool to the other and climb up a rope ladder. To good swimmers, this speed bump is laughable (though I do admire how the wave-as-threat provides the visual of an actual speed bump), but to a person afraid of heights, i.e. Kim, it is a nightmare. She sobs at the bottom of the rope ladder, "I hate this. This is so hard." Oh, sweet non-ja. It's really not. Not this.

Then the RoboDocs embark on a tranquil cruise up a winding highway with 21 corners!!! (you know The Amazing Race has run out of compelling options when a location's biggest remaining challenge is "ride a Ford Explorer up what is considered by man to be the best driving road in the world") until they arrive at Jebel Hafeet, the pit stop. Hey, speaking of Ford, the RoboDocs will each win a car -- any vehicle with an eco-boost engine of their choosing, as long as it's a Ford. Ford Ford Ford. Did you see how that Ford Explorer handled those 21 corners, corners so serene and dreamlike they could put you to sleep? Ford.

Second place: Jason and Amy. "Today was pure torture," says Amy. Seriously? Did I miss a section in which teams must cook and eat a camel toe? And if she's referring to their navigation woes, I still think that's bogus. Do you know how blissful a Ford's air-conditioning system can be? It's a wonderful line of automobiles!

Third place: Tim and Marie. I didn't it mention before, but as Tim was white-water rafting and heroically pulled down the three flags with no problem, Marie cheered for him by giggling, "Ha. He almost died."

Fourth/Fifth: Leo/Jamal and Ally/Ashley. "Is there any potential for something [romantic] to happen?" Phil's eyebrow wonders, as it's been privy to plenty of the Afghanimals' old "wives" tales. "I think we could work something out," Jamal drawls nonchalantly as Ally reaches over and with all the chalant in the United Arab Emirates, fluffs Leo's red and white scarf with all her might. She's a feisty one! And I'm pretty sure she's the one with the boyfriend.

So it's goodbye to Nicky and Kim, who do not cry this time as all their tears have seamlessly blended into the wave pool and rafting course by this point. "I don't like being a ninja," says Nicky. "Maybe we can go back to being bunnies," corroborates Kim. And then just like at the end of The Velveteen Rabbit (spoiler alert), they become real bunnies and scamper away.

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