The Amazing Race recap: Hump Day

Teams dress camels for a beauty pageant and try to avoid the Double U-Turn in Abu Dhabi
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 17, 2013

CAMEL D'OH! Pinky and her punching bag size up the pageant participants, most of which Marie deems "busted."


Double U-Turn! Jason and Amy don't U-Turn anyone (shhhhhhh), but Marie and Tim choose to U-Turn Nicky and Kim. See, sometime along the way in their transformation from bunnies to ninjas, Nicky and Kim dared to consult with a ticketing agent at the Sao Paulo airport in Leg 3, thus securing the first spot on the standby list for Nicole and Travis' earlier flight to Lisbon. All they had to do was find a human being and interact with that human instead of gaping helplessly at the departure screens. How dare they use their noggins? PUNISH THEM! BURN THE WITCHES!

"Sorry, bunnies, but that little stunt at the airport cost you the U-Turn," says Pinky.  I almost wish she'd U-Turned Ally and Ashley instead, if only to provide a bit more suspense toward the end of the episode.

So back at the fort, the Afghanimals and the Bunninjas need to complete the food prep challenge and the camel beauty pageant. (Unable to tell the truth at any time, Leo and Jamal had lied to Nicky and Kim that the cooking challenge had only taken them 15 minutes. But in the end, the task order didn't matter.) It's a shame, not only because Nicky and Kim are so likable and it was clear from the start of the episode they'd be screwed in the long term -- but because Nicky had so decisively and hilariously chosen what she assumed was the easier of the two Detour options. She thought they should do Wedding Guests, "because you don't want it to be up to an animal." I died at this. It's so logical to me: "You can't rely on animals." Her conviction just really amused me. It's cheap thrills all-around in Abu Dhabi!

Meanwhile, Ally and Ashley have no trouble at all with the camel beauty contest. Ally explains why, trails off, and the editors just go with it because that's all they need. "We're really good at makeup and hair, so……"


Next stop: Wadi Adventure, home of the world's largest man-made whitewater rapids. Roadblock: With the help of a buoyant (in personality and in terms of sea level) raft guide, one person from each team must collect three colored flags hanging above the water course. The RoboDocs have the joint to themselves, seemingly for hours. Uh oh: Nicole's not tall enough to reach the flags. Bet a camel would be tall enough. Any camel. Even one of the busted ones. Oh, but no worries: Nicole's second run goes off without a hitch.

For a moment it looks like Nicky and Kim might catch up to an aimless Ally and Ashley, who can't figure out where they're driving. "I drive like I'm in a race for a million dollars," Ally reminds her poor navigator Ashley. "You gotta keep up." Ally really is the only one who speaks, most of the time. "We keep on getting great information, but we don't know how to follow it," she tells the cameras in a confessional. It's a non-offensive, diplomatic way of saying pssssst, my partner is not so bright. But, like, we get it. You go, girls.

NEXT: Bunnies, for real this time

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