The Amazing Race recap: Hump Day

Teams dress camels for a beauty pageant and try to avoid the Double U-Turn in Abu Dhabi
Ep. 08 | Aired Nov 17, 2013

CAMEL D'OH! Pinky and her punching bag size up the pageant participants, most of which Marie deems "busted."


Marie and Tim delivered the episode's comic relief as they sized up the camels in their own uniquely talented ways. Pinky just insulted everyone flat-out -- "He doesn't even have any whiskers." "Lookit, that guy's knee is all busted." -- while Tim immediately warms up to the haughtiest camel who thinks, nay, knows, he or she is better than everyone else. "He knows it too -- he knows he's hot," Tim marvels in the face of one camel's self-satisfied sneer. He caters to the camel, providing encouraging pleasantries as they work together as a team. And how does Tim's ungulate partner reward him for his efforts? Of course, the camel kicks him! And Tim LOVES it. "Damn, I just got blasted," he says, rubbing his shin. "Scratch it off my bucket list and move on."

"I bet you wish you had one of those for me," Pinky comments, referring to their camel's cozy sweater of a muzzle. She really gets it.

And Marie and Tim get the clue, well before pageantry expert Amy and the all-too-accepting-of-camel-flaws Jason. Jason wasn't like, "Oooh, his eyelashes. He was like, "This'll do." But that is the WRONG attitude, Jason. You gotta get into the whiskers!

Tim and Marie then begin their endless quest to find the Al Jahili Tower even though it's right there in the fort, passing through the Wedding Guest portion of the Detour on their way to nowhere. Leo and Jamal see how quickly the other task had been completed and abandon their food prep even though they're at least halfway done. (It wouldn't matter in the end, as they'd have to complete both elements of the challenge.)

But anyway, Tim and Marie are lost, plus they're toting around their giant backpacks (Tim's idea -- God, she could PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE right now) about a half mile from the challenge. Tim and Marie are sweating out most of their internal organs as Jason and Amy drive by and revel in low-toned, sound-proofed delight.

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