Teen Wolf recap: 'Orphaned'

Scott takes on the weight of the supernatural world while the Beacon Hill body count reaches new heights, and everyone clamors for power and control. Yep, the gang's all here.
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 28, 2014

ALPHA ROLES: Embracing his "true alpha" self, Scott decides to save the entire supernatural population of Beacon Hills.


Scott catches Liam before he falls from his second climb up the wall, and it turns out it’s much more fulfilling to watch Dylan Sprayberry play earnestly fearful, then relieved, than it is to watch him growl his way through a transformation. Scott may not have a lot of tallies in his “fights won” column, but his greatest strength will always be that his compassion quickly earns him trust. The hug they share outside of the well is touching, and a clear message that these two are family now, and begrudgingly or not, family takes responsibility for each other.

After finding the dead pack in the woods Malia says to Derek, “Maybe we should all be running from Beacon Hills—running for our lives, as fast as we can.” That’s a valid suggestion, and one that it’s difficult as an audience member not to consider every single episode as the body counts rise and the reveal of the Benefactor and his true intentions looms closer. Why has Stilinski stayed all this time in a town that has constant gruesome deaths, threatens his son, saw the death of his wife? Because Scott and Stilinski aren’t the type of men who can see death and do nothing. When Scott tells Deaton he doesn’t want to see another person killed, Deaton tells him that’s a lot of burden to carry. It certainly is. But it’s the burden of Beacon Hills and the one that Scott was asked to bear when he transformed into a True Alpha, when he stopped his heart to find the Nemeton, and when Peter turned him.

Surely Peter didn’t know what he was creating that night in the woods; that he was biting a werewolf with an aptitude for power that he could only ever dream of, simply because Scott is willing to give to others more than he takes. When Peter tracks down Kate, he tells her what helped him control himself during a shift as a child: “I realized, why break your own toys when you can break someone else’s?” Peter is willing to help Kate learn control so she can “ruhtuhrn the Aaaahgents to their glohhhrius pow’r,” if she’s willing to help him get his money back. But Kate knows what Peter really wants. It’s what he’s always wanted: power. Or as Ian Boen says, “PAHHHHHR!”

Best Quotes: “I’m worth five dollars?!” “Five million.” “I only make $40,000 a year… maybe I should kill myself.” Parrish's line was a bright spot in a pretty dark episode. If Stiles approves—"You. You, I like!"—surely we can trust him.

And a few lingering questions
–What are Scott and Stiles going to do with the Benefactor money Scott swiped from Garrett’s locker, other than count it? That’s a hard thing to resist, especially when you’ve got the weight of saving an entire town on your not-even-yet-fully-grown shoulders. Couldn’t they simply… ask Derek if they can have it? He’s been super chill and paternal lately. Also, what's on that tape, and do those boys have access to a tape player? Or know what a cassette tape is?
–I’m finding it difficult to really care about Peter as a villain. He’s proven time and time again that he’s not really capable of keeping power or wielding it with any sort of authority. I feel like he’s the weak link in the Big Bad trifecta of this season. What is he bringing to the table?
–I don’t usually celebrate children being attacked by Berserkers, but I’m making an exception for Violet and Garrett.
–Did anyone else think for one heart-stopping second that Deaton was the Benefactor when Scott awoke to him standing over him after the Berserker attack?
–And finally, what was Braeden doing in the woods with that poisoned werewolf pack? How long will her recovery period take before she and Derek inevitably start making out?

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