Teen Wolf recap: 'Orphaned'

Scott takes on the weight of the supernatural world while the Beacon Hill body count reaches new heights, and everyone clamors for power and control. Yep, the gang's all here.
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 28, 2014

ALPHA ROLES: Embracing his "true alpha" self, Scott decides to save the entire supernatural population of Beacon Hills.


While murdering a parking lot full of assassins alongside her two gal pal Berserkers and torturing them for information about the Benefactor, Kate controls herself just long enough to find out “The Orphans” have a matching tape to complete her “Play Me” box set. But she goes full Avatar werejaguar before she can find out what's on the second tape. I hate how badass she looks stomping around her handiwork. That woman is truly a master class in sociopathy.

Still bearing their lawful duties, Head Dads in Charge, McCall and Stilinski, march wee assassin Violet off to jail. The tales of bolo tie homicides by smirking teen must have spread up and down the West Coast, as Scott’s dad seems to already know those two tiny nutjobs are called The Orphans, but too bad, because it only took one True Alpha to take them down. Scott’s werewolf presence might be appreciated over at the animal clinic where everyone’s favorite little enigmas—Derek, Stiles, and Deaton—are trying to use their mostly human strength to undo Garrett’s dirty wolfsbane work on Brett the Beta. Also, a Buddhist, apparently—he repeats the same mantra that we’ve heard over and over from the unfamiliar dead pool werewolves: “the sun, the moon, the truth.”

Derek, who steps further and further into his self-appointed role as Beacon Hills Historian with every new thermal Henley, thinks back to a Buddhist Alpha werewolf he's heard of, and one that we’re we also know from last season’s Kitsune/Nogitsune flashback episode, Satomi. Figuring he’ll need help to track the other pack in the woods, Derek pulls what we call "a Derek" and sneaks into the high school to whisper Malia’s name in the halls until she escorts herself out of class to find which person is trying to confuse her today. Well, first she tells her teacher she can track the scents of her absent friends if she wants her to… then she leaves.

But surely Scott’s most complex new responsibility is Liam: his brother, his pack, his Beta… who is 15, has an anger problem, a tendency toward the impulsive, and can’t stay out of trouble. That’s how he finds himself getting mowed down in a car by Garrett—in full Children of the Corn mode—stabbed with a wolfsbane-poisoned barbecue fork and thrown into a well. The kid literally gets trapped in a well.

Citing his inclusion on the dead pool, Lydia and Stiles convince Parrish to take them to Eichen House to see Meredith and once more grill her for a the next cipher key. But on this episode of Believe in Your Banshee, someone else has gotten to Meredith first. That someone is the Benefactor, and either he’s talking to Meredith through walls or he’s made his way into Eichen House: “Things have changed; I can’t! He doesn’t want me to.” After Lydia goes way too heavy on the peer pressure for the second week in a row, Meredith has a nervous breakdown (no “almost” this time) and Banshee wails “I DON’T KNOOOOOW!” It’s a truly unhinged performance from Maya Eshet and enough for Stiles to realize that maybe the third cipher isn’t someone who already died, but someone who’s going to. Lydia closes her eyes and types out the name: DEREK.

Oh, you mean the same Derek who just discovered that a whole pack of werewolves has been poisoned and killed in the woods that his family—also mass murdered—once protected? That guy… cannot catch a break, re: life.

But it’s not Derek’s turn to go just yet; tonight, it’s Meredith who dies, not by the will of the Benefactor (it seems), but by her own. It’s long seemed that Lydia’s supernatural load weighs the heaviest on her, and Banshee is a skin Meredith has been wearing for much longer than Lydia. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to know Meredith as someone more than just a fascinating shortcut; now, she’s just a grim warning.

The prospect of death is everywhere in Beacon Hills, starkly outlined by the McCall/Stilinski Sr. heap that Scott and Garrett come upon on the road. Violet’s transport vehicle was overtaken by Berserkers that then immediately take Garrett out because he is a human child with a stick and they are Norse warriors. Oddly, they don’t put up much of a fight with Scott, just a stab that he overcomes on Deaton’s lab table in time to sniff out Auntie Kate’s hideout with Chris, to not much avail, and go find Liam in his well of personal growth.

NEXT: If Liam falls in a well in the woods, would you hear him?

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