Teen Wolf recap: 'I.E.D'

The lines are more clearly drawn in Beacon Hills as even more supernaturals are revealed on the dead pool, the littlest assassins get greedy, and new hunters roll into town. Things are getting... complicated.
Ep. 05 | Aired Jul 21, 2014


These last two Lydia scenes in the mysterious room in her Lake House have been a wild ride from start to finish, both audio-visually, and thanks to Holland Roden’s just-on-the-edge-of-unhinged performance. Lydia, with the hovering help of Malia and cryptic messages from Meredith, is trying to crack the Benefactor's ciphers to reveal the three-part dead pool. “ALLISON,” and the cipher Meredith, Malia, and Lydia crack tonight, “AIDEN,” are coincidentally two particularly Lydia-centric characters, but they also just so happen to be two people who died last season at the whim of the Nogitsune. The third cipher is the key to not only finding out who else is on the list, but getting a real idea of who might be writing it and handing out all of the Hale's heisted bearer bonds.

Definitely revealed to be on that second list is Deputy Parrish, to which I think the entire fandom says, “Booyah, we see you and we feel you, Green Eyes.” Now the questions is, what kind of supernatural creature gets a $5 million bounty on his head, and is he really as wholesome as he seems? My heart hopes he’s a male banshee and can toss some advice Lydia's way, because she really, uh, seems to be going through some stuff right now. Or perhaps his extensive knowledge of dismantling actual explosive devices will be helpful with Liam’s now werewolf-infused Intermittent Explosive Disorder (I.E.D.).

Parrish does seem to have a calming presence, and Liam is getting growlier and growlier with every surprise werewolf tackle. It probably doesn't help that he has to take a patented BHHS boy's locker room clothed shower to calm down after his old lacrosse team from the prep school he was kicked out of shows up as their scrimmage opponent. In the end, it's that team that contains the Beta Violet and Garrett go after on the field, because undetected werewolves are everywhere these days.

After Garrett takes Brett out with his poisoned crosse-spear, Scott tracks Brett and Violet to the locker room and uses his Alpha hands to overcome her awful killer necklace. The unofficial guardians of Beacon Hills are used to having a lot thrown at them at once, but tonight, everyone seems especially unprepared for the threats ahead. With so many teams in play—the Benefactor and assassins, the pack, Kate, and now the Calaveras—exactly who is hunting whom? Argent and his ambiguous eye shift as Abuela Calavera arrives and insists he recite the hunter’s code make it clear that this game could end any number of ways: "We hunt those who hunt us."

"I.E.D." wasn't the most eventful episode thus far, but like Stiles' detective board, it laid out the map for just how much of a mess Scott's pack has in front of them. As an Alpha, Scott’s  solution will never be to kill whoever gets in the way, not even the bad guys. But every bad guy isn’t a freshman assassin you can calmly knock out with a light slam against a cinder block wall (do not go into the Beacon Hills High boy’s locker room, by the way); somebody is going to have to go, especially with the dead pools' biggest bounty revealed to be on our True Alpha's $25 million head. It’s hard to imagine that Kira, who has the power to harness electricity, and could probably fly if she really tried hard enough, is worth less than a third of Scott “I’m Having Trouble Wrestling My Beta to the Ground” McCall; but perhaps Scott’s real value is in his leadership—take out the leader, take out the team.

Best Lines: "Banshee?" "Banshee." —the Stilinski men, experts in being both annoyed and correct. Also, Meredith's simple look at Parrish when asked to answer a few questions that seemed to imply, "Yes, I will tell you whatever you want to know because I like the way you're working that face, Deputy." Okay, and everything Stiles said to Brett (the perfect combination of '80s teen villain and current British boyband hair) while trying to distract him from the three-hole-punch Liam was performing on his own hands: "Welcome to our little public high school... we're very excited for the scrimmage."

And a Few Questions...

–How wonderful was the scene where smart-ass Derek Hale showed up in the BHHS locker room to intimidate little Liam? Each episode this season seems to have some sort of homage to a scene from Teen Wolf’s first season, and it’s making what’s beginning to feel like the inevitable passing of the torch a little easier. Also, Derek smiled.
–Speaking of, is it odd that Derek has only recently started winning fights, just as he’s losing his werewolf powers?
–I was really proud of Malia for using her high school education to crack that phone code and all, but didn’t the solution feel a little obvious for all the flack they were giving poor Meredith?
- Expecting any surprises from the third and final dead pool list?
–Finally, who works an Important Dramatic Eye-Shift better: Tyler Hoechlin or J.R. Bourne? (J/K, I would never ask you to choose.)

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