Teen Wolf recap: 'Monstrous'

In Beacon Hills, sometimes you accidentally plan and fund a murder spree, and sometimes you almost turn into an actual wolf while in the middle of an assassin attack... you simply can't put a pin in werewolves.
Ep. 10 | Aired Aug 24, 2014

RED EYES. FULL ALPHA. MIGHT LOSE. Derek sensed his Coach Taylor moment and he went for it. Supernaturals unite!


The line between human and monster is still very much up for debate though, and ultimately, the discrepancy is what convinced Meredith that Peter’s plan for supernatural cleansing was a reasonable one. When Meredith heard Lydia scream after Allison’s death, she thought it was time to eliminate the monsters—to start over, like in Peter’s plan. "He’ll make it right. It never was with us."

What makes a monster? Is it species? Is it intent? On Teen Wolf, I think you know it when you see it. When Lydia tells Meredith her theory on monsters that opened this recap, and that she knows a few good ones, Meredith suddenly realizes that abetting Peter’s coma plan was perhaps not the best use of her last few months. And while the dead pool mystery is solved (sort of) and the Benefactor has been found (eh), the question of the season still remains: How does someone deal with a monster without getting a little monstrous themselves—what’s the middle ground between Scott trying to keep the peace in a chaotic world and Meredith trying to create an entirely monster-less one?

After four seasons, Peter proved definitively tonight that he is of the monster variety of supernatural and remains the largest threat to Scott’s pack. At the end of "Monstrous" after backing the Sheriff down with some finally solid logic—in what court is "telepathic girl overhears thoughts of comatose werewolf and decides to enact his plans for retribution" going to hold up—Peter retreats back to his sewer hideout like a damn Ninja Turtle, to chat with Kate about the one thing the audience is totally and completely clear on: Peter Hale won’t rest until Scott McCall is dead.

The twist of Peter accidentally planning and funding the dead pool is exciting because it’s Peter, and it’s always going to be Peter until he’s eliminated as a threat… which means this is probably headed somewhere big. But as with the Meredith reveal, Peter’s involvement felt a little unearned. The Teen Wolf writers have to be able to put their bearer bonds where their mouths are on this one, and quick. The conclusion of the Benefactor arc provided the most justice by its characters and the way we can see these reveals affecting each of them.

Scott is either on the verge of a breakthrough or a breakdown from the pressure of protecting Beacon Hills, and the bluish hue of his Alpha face has me a little worried for the latter. Stiles can’t get his mind off the Stilinski financial woes, and knowing that Peter is behind the theft of his own bearer bonds surely won’t help. And Lydia is about one more dark reveal away from an existential crisis. With Peter working on dual-levels of villainous—both subconscious and conscious; both past and present—he finally gets to be the Big Bad we’ve always suspected him to be. But what of our good guys? Can they live up to their potential, too?

I will admit that I’m not the most technologically savvy, but: Exactly how were those giant 1970s computers generating the dead pool after Lorraine’s death? She Banshee-predicted the list, but she wouldn’t have programmed it to work as a dead pool, would she? Did Meredith somehow program those computers… and then re-plaster the wall? How was it automatically updating Lorraine’s list to account for changes such as Derek not being a supernatural anymore? How? HOW?

And a few more questions…

–Lorraine’s role in all of this is still a little hazy. She predicted the list and created the code… is that the extent of her involvement? Also, if Meredith was in the hospital with Peter, was she being tested in the Martin lake house just over a year ago?
–Everybody seems pretty sympathetic toward Meredith at the end of the episode but… girl facilitated the murder of a lot of people. What are the legal repercussions of this going to be? Are we really going on the premise that she organized this whole operation from Eichen House, with only the help of Brunski?
–Thank goodness Sherriff Stilinski can recognize Peter’s crazy, even if he technically can’t lock him up for it.
–Argent also tracked down a pretty yellow flower that he stored in his vault. Did it remind anyone else of the strain of wolfsbane used by the Orphans? Whatchu doing, Chris?
–Parrish Supernatural Watch: STILL UNIDENTIFIED
–I very much enjoyed Derek's rallying cry to the supernaturals, but it looks like it's just Bad Guy Dead Pool, party of two now: Peter and Kate... both of whom, Derek might have some complications finishing off.
–What did you think? Was Peter's role as the Benefactor completely coincidental, or was he holding back on some details? Was that the Dead Pool pay off you've been hoping for? And are there any former IBM employees out there who might have time for a quick g-chat? I may have a few questions...

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