Teen Wolf recap: 'Monstrous'

In Beacon Hills, sometimes you accidentally plan and fund a murder spree, and sometimes you almost turn into an actual wolf while in the middle of an assassin attack... you simply can't put a pin in werewolves.
Ep. 10 | Aired Aug 24, 2014

RED EYES. FULL ALPHA. MIGHT LOSE. Derek sensed his Coach Taylor moment and he went for it. Supernaturals unite!


Stiles is dealing with different kinds of pain. That of the concussion, financial, and begging his lady for forgiveness varieties. When Malia drops by Stiles’ room to make sure he’s still alive, Mama McCall "absent-mindedly" locks them inside until they’ve had enough time to create an extended metaphor that has Stiles apologizing profusely for not thinking his actions through.

She forgives him in that way you still can in high school. It’s a good thing, too, because they make a pretty efficient detective duo—less Team Brain, and more Team Blunt Logic. After a few extra listens to Brunski’s tape of Lydia’s grandmother, Lorraine, they realize she was in the Special Banshee Room in her lake house when Brunski found her, because Malia can hear what she thinks is the mysterious record player. But when she hears the same noise even with the record player not spinning at the lake house, they go full HGTV on the wall right behind it and discover Lorraine’s refrigerator-size computers from her early days at IBM… otherwise known as what’s been generating the dead pool.

And that’s a really great (and confusing) find because Lydia and the Sheriff have simultaneously tracked down the Benefactor. Well, the other Benefactor. Meredith refuses to talk to anyone but "Peter, Peter Hale," and you know she must have met him because he’s the only one who could convince someone to say his name that dramatically. But it seems that Peter doesn’t know Meredith, or at least he doesn’t remember knowing her. And how does Peter solve all of his memory problems? Well, he sticks all of his claws in the back of Meredith’s neck to invade her mind, of course.

It’s a pretty helpful trick all around, though. Inside Meredith’s brain, Peter finds the "why" of her killings. Apparently, when Meredith was hospitalized after almost being aurally tortured to death by Lydia’s grandmother, she was placed in a room with comatose Peter Hale. But as he told us in Season 1, he was fully conscious during his coma, festering in his own vengeful thoughts just after the murder of his entire family. And you know who’re pretty good at hearing thoughts of the nearly dead? Banshees. In the vivid detail of his own mind, with Meredith listening in, Peter laid out the reason his family was murdered: because Talia had become weak and therefore, was unprepared. His solution would be to rid Beacon Hills of the weak when he returned to consciousness, and make room for a new, stronger supernatural population.

I’m explaining it as simply as possible; Peter, on the other hand, ended his Teen Wolf villain monologue to end all Teen Wolf villain monologues thusly, "I will obliterate the weak, and I will remake the supernatural of beacon hills IN MY IMAAAAAAGE!" Simply biblical, sir.

So that’s why his name isn’t on the dead pool. By deeming every other supernatural as weak and unnecessary, Peter was the only one left worthy to live on in Beacon Hills. Because Peter is the Alpha; he’s always been the Alpha. Or at least he’s convinced himself, Meredith, and Lorraine's prediction of as much. But everybody knows who the One True Alpha really  is…

Scott brings Satomi’s pack to Chris Argent’s vacant loft to hide from the hunters. He promises them protection, which ends up coming in the form of a few sets of claws plus Argent, Derek, and Braeden’s weaponry, against an army of hunters with assault rifles and a seemingly endless supply of bullets. But a semi-unbelievable battle match-up turns into the most gripping moment of the episode. After taking a few hits, Scott finally gets his claws on a hunter, rips the guy’s helmet off, and starts going to town on his face, already in full Alpha mode, new fangs included. And as he keeps clawing—and clawing—Scott’s face begins transforming from Alpha to full wolf (Demon Wolf?). He’s about one swipe away from his first kill when he stops, either because of the Trueness of his Alpha, or the simultaneous buzzing of a group text on the hunters’ phones: "ALL CONTRACTS TERMINATED."

I’m willing to excuse a lot for the wolves I love, but a few pretty ludicrous things happen all at once here: An entire battle that has been absolutely bathed in the roar of gunfire slams to a halt at the buzzing of a few phones; and the reason for that final text from the Benefactor is that Stiles and Malia were able to turn off the dead pool computers after video chatting with Lydia, who helped them find the power-key through a bit of wine-stain-logic that made about as much sense as Derek’s magic tea nostalgia a few episodes ago. But at least, for the moment, it means Scott remains more human than monster, and that I will take.

NEXT: What are the chances this was all just a simple misunderstanding?

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