So You Think You Can Dance season premiere recap: You're Going to Pasadena!

Auditions begin in New Orleans and Chicago with many dancers returning from past seasons, or just earlier in the hour
Ep. 01 | Aired May 28, 2014

Marcquet Hill, 18 and Brooklyn Fullmer, 18: The young pair want to make it clear to everyone that they're just friends, and just dancing together for the audition. But can I ask why? This dynamic duo was fantastic together, showing up great technique and personality at the same time. Marcquet had technically auditioned once before two years ago, but was too young to actually qualify for the competition. Well, now he's a "grown ass man," according to Wayne, who said the solid performance inspired him. Next Stop: Hollywood

20 more dancers, including Caleb, were sent through to the choreography round -- but all were ultimately cut. As a result, Caleb and I were once again in tears. Justin Bieber then showed up to talk about the new competition for dance crews. There'll be social media voting, 'cause that's all the rage these days. I hope you can sense my skepticism; I'm not a fan of this at all, and that is 100% because of Bieber's involvement. #sorrynotsorry

Next, we ventured midwest to Chiberia -- I mean, Chicago. I would just like to say that I went to college outside of Chicago -- and yes, it's cold, but let's not get carried away here. Use your bodies for warmth! What else is a great dancer body for? Actress Jenna Elfman (who yes, was a ballerina in her youth) joined Mary and Nigel for the next round of hopefuls.

Nick Garcia, 18: Nick and his friend Rudy (don't worry, he's next) came from Miami for the auditions after dancing together for 11 years. Nick is the type of guy who would never be pegged as a dancer outside of the ballroom, but nonetheless is extremely proud of his masculine moves. Even though he wasn't with his usual dance partner (a.k.a. his sister) due to an ankle injury, Nick more than held his own. Mary provided probably her loudest scream of the night, and Jenna gave the performance two thumbs up, complimenting Nick's exemplary talent. Next Stop: Hollywood

Rudy Abreu, 18: Rudy performed his solo piece shirtless to show the scar he got after being born with a hole in his diaphragm. He used that as inspiration to create his own style of dance. Luckily, there wasn't any awkward tension between the two buddies -- because not only was Rudy's performance also great, it was very different than Nick's. Since Nick's sister is hurt, why can't they just be partners? Next Stop: Hollywood

Well...I guess they didn't really show much of the Chicago auditions, for some reason, but at the end of the day, 12 dancers made it. But the big surprise of the night was the return of Caleb! After his lack of strong partner skills got him eliminated in New Orleans, Caleb returned, saying he couldn't give up on his dream. He wanted to show the judges something different than he usually does. The moment Caleb said he would perform a piece inspired by the last voicemail he got from his dad, I knew I was going to lose it. Luckily, Caleb's strength in dance and spirit broke through, showing that it's okay to grieve. The judges once again sent him through to the choreography -- but this time, he made it all the way! Glad to know my tears were worth something.

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