So You Think You Can Dance season premiere recap: You're Going to Pasadena!

Auditions begin in New Orleans and Chicago with many dancers returning from past seasons, or just earlier in the hour
Ep. 01 | Aired May 28, 2014

Shelby "Skip" Skipper, 25 and Shane Skipper, 21: You may recognize Skip from season 6 of the show. This time, he has brought his younger brother Shane to join in on the act. After a fraternal handshake to get in the groove, the two performed well together -- but it was clear that the elder brother had more experience and technique under his dance belt. But Shane is a perfect example of how difficult in can be to dance in glasses! He seemed to be adjusting them so often that it actually made his lose the rhythm of the piece slightly. I don't think contacts would have suddenly made him Fred Astaire, but they certainly could have helped. Nigel said Skip was better than he had remembered from before and enjoyed his fun choreography, while Mary saw great potential is using the partner style in other genres of dance like swing. Unfortunately, all the judges agreed that one brother was better than the other. Skip's Next Stop: Choreography; Shane's Next Stop: Home

Megan Marcano, 22: Emotion is a requirement when it comes to dancing, and because of her abusive past, Megan definitely has a lot of it. Though her story made Cat cry in an interview, Megan seemed strong and proud to share her story and be able to do what she loves most -- dance. You're always rooting for someone like this before their music starts ,and Megan did not disappoint. Her performance was full of passion, energy, and, most importantly, personality -- arguably the hardest thing for some dancers to show. Mary called Megan a star, and Wayne though she had everything. Nigel was quick to quip that she didn't have a ticket...yet. Next Stop: Hollywood

Trevor Bryce, 18: No matter the show or the year, you're always going to get a really obnoxious performer who auditions even though he thinks his talents are already above and beyond. At first, I thought that's who Trevor was going to be. His confidence read as cockiness to me; I was waiting for him to put his money where his feet are. I am here to say now, I humbly stand corrected. Trevor showed such confidence because he knew he could pull off an incredible, unique performance to a mix of computer sounds and other effects and music. The synchronization between the sounds and Trevor's body movements was impressive alone -- but the piece was also athletic and funny. Not only did the judges love it (Wayne even exclaimed that his deserved ego screamed "I trained for this, bitches!"), Nigel called it the greatest solo performance he has ever seen on the show. Talk about a compliment. Too bad he'll still need a partner to win. Next Stop: Hollywood

At the end of day one in New Orleans, 18 dancers total were sent through to the choreography round to learn a partner piece from SYTYCD alums Marko and Kathryn to One Direction's "Story of My Life". But Skip decided to write a short story, and took himself out of the competition 30 minutes in.

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