So You Think You Can Dance recap: Broadway Birthday Baseball Ballet

Nigel celebrates his birthday by eliminating the first two dancers of the season with some Broadway and baseball flair.
Ep. 07 | Aired Jul 9, 2014


Jourdan Epstein and Marcquet Hill
Style: Jazz, Choreography by Sean Cheesman
Music: "Work Work" by Britney Spears

A piece of advice from Nigel Lythgoe; when interrogating a suspect, don't smile. There was a lot of pressure put on these two to work work their hardest this week for a fast and sharp routine that had to "look like butter or it will be a mess." It wouldn't be an episode of SYTYCD without at least one dance/food metaphor. Marcquet has a lot of work to do with his face while performing. At times he looks like he's holding his breath, if he ever manages to actually look up once in a while. Technically, the dance was strong but the whole cop and robber story line got in the way and in the heads of Jourdan and Marcquet and prevented it from being a real showstopper.

Casey Askew and Brooklyn Fullmer
Style: Argentine Tango, Choreography by Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrinoneuvo
Music: "Gallo Ciego" from Luis Bravo's Forever Tango soundtrack

One thing we learned from this routine; Casey's hair is just as pliable as his body. Though the woman is usually supposed to be the dominant one, Casey outperformed Brooklyn a little bit. Though the amount of tension and control throughout was extraordinary, there felt like there was still something missing to the piece to completely make it pop. It also kind of appeared that Casey and Brooklyn may just be a tad too young and not quite mature enough to handle the emotional tone and quality of the tango, but it was definitely enough to likely save both of them.

Jacque Luong and Zack Everheart
Style: African Jazz, Choreography by Sean Cheesman
Music: "Dibiza (Kick*** Remix)" by Danny Tenaglia

Well, they certainly waited for the most artistic piece to go last. Jacque and Zack were not meant to be pretty in their animalistic performance, coming to life from an abstract painting wearing matching bodysuits. Once you were able to get past the bizarre but visually stunning concept, the rhythmic style of dance worked in favor for the tapper Zack, though he was able to show fuller extensions with his legs and feet than he probably would be able to normally. Like Jourdan, Jacque was able to show she can still compete outside of her ballerina technical box, but certain choices in the style she chose to perform the style (like a moving mouth that bothered Misty) were a reminder that the box still exists.

After all the dancing had been done and the judges deliberated, Malene and Nick were the first dancers to be sent home. With a weak performance tonight, Malene's beauty couldn't keep her in the competition any longer and it seem Nick may need just a little more time to grow up and become more comfortable on stage.

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