So You Think You Can Dance recap: Talk Dancey To Me

The top 20 perform for America's vote for the first time performing the style that they know best
Ep. 06 | Aired Jul 2, 2014


Bridget Whitman and Stanley Glover
Style: Contemporary, Choreography by Bonnie Story
Music: "Doesn't Mean Goodbye" by Jon McLaughlin

Another argumentative couple was represented in this next contemporary piece as Bridget and Stanley knew that their piece would not just be about the dancing, but about the story too—sound familiar? It's too early in the competition to be doing such similar pieces, especially with only one dance in between them. To make it more unique to them, Stanley showed amazing growth, literally, with his elevations and leaps, something Mary called unmatched in the competition. Also unmatched was Mary's ability to make multiple food metaphors tonight, including calling one sensual move between the two as a "love roll," not to be confused by the ham or cheese variety. Maybe it's because of his height, but Stanley stood out a little more than Bridget here, an emerging trend as the guys began to outshine the girls.

Jacque Luong and Jourdan Epstein
Style: Ballet, Choreography by Marat Daukayev
Music: "Pas de Deux - Black Swan" by Tchaikovsky

Jacque and Jourdan both have names that start with a "J," both love coffee, and are both ballet dancers. Unfortunately, the first week is the worst time to be paired up with your doppelgänger in the competition. The Black Swan-inspired piece was good, but nowhere near a Natalie Portman level of intensity, which is required for that tone. It was simply a very well-performed classical piece, nothing more and nothing less. The problem for America though is going to be able to tell the difference between the two of them now when voting. They wore identical costumes and with so many camera movements and pirouettes, it would have been hard to keep track and who was whom if this was the finale.

Malene Ostegaard and Marcquet Hill
Style: Samba, Choreography by Louis van Amstel
Music: "Morning Drums" by Gregor Salto

Probably the most shocking thing to be admitted tonight was that Malene claims she eats two pounds of chocolate a day. What's even more shocking though is that Malene also claims to be a safe person, which made her nervous to go outside of her comfort zone with a risky Samba (Side note: There is nothing safe about eating two pounds of chocolate a day either!) The nerves seem to have shaken off as quickly as her hips were moving cause Malene and Marcquet burst onto the dance floor full of fire and beauty and some hot rolls from Mary's metaphorical oven. The number was exciting and fun, and it was almost hard to tell what was moving more—Malene's dress or Marcquet's hair.

NEXT: My dance partner, the mop. 

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