So You Think You Can Dance recap: Dance of cards

The final four perform last routines in a spectacular night of dance and no elimination.
Ep. 14 | Aired Aug 27, 2014

TAKIN' IT TO THE STREET Ricky and Zack performed a hip-hop duo with choreography by Pharside & Phoenix.


Valerie Rockey (and Aaron Turner)
Style: Tap, Choreography by Anthony Morigerato
Music: "Love Me or Leave Me" by Sammy Davis Jr. 

When Valerie entered the competition, she answered the title question with a tapping yes, I do think I can dance. Now after weeks of performing pretty much every other genre out there, Valerie's last chance dance was back in her red shoes. Since Jesse kind of messed up his comparison he was trying to make, let's fix it. Valerie is like Michael Jordan. Watching her has been like watching MJ in his baseball years. Incredibly impressed that he is able to even compete considering that his strengths are in another field literally. In this number, Valerie took back that basketball and performed like the champion she seriously has the potential of being. Nevertheless, she definitely has a winning smile and knows how to use that well.

Ricky Ubeda (and Kathryn McCormick)
Style: Contemporary, Choreography by Stacey Tookey
Music: "Not About Angels" by Birdy

Would it be too much to say that Ricky has been an angel sent from heaven this season? Maybe, but I'm saying it anyway. The combination of Ricky and Kathryn working with Stacey Tookey is heaven-sent itself and absolutely went above and beyond the already high expectations. Mary couldn't contain herself in expressing how much she loved Ricky's performance and just how much she loves him in general and all the incredible work he has done this season. Jesse might actually love Ricky (and Aaron too. Does someone need to remind him he's married?) but the number especially hit an emotional chord with Nigel who said Ricky will make a "great addition to the dance world." Addition? The dance world better look out—Ricky's about to take over. He just has to win this little thing first.

Zack Everhart (and Aaron Turner)
Style: Tap, Choreography by Anthony Morigerato
Music: "Piano Man" by Billy Joel

Tap us a dance, you the tapping man Zack! Finally—we got to see Zack in his element and show what he is most passionate and knowledgeable about. It took a little bit for him to get comfortable with being comfortable onstage in his element, but once the song picked up, so did Zack and he took complete control and command while moving a lot throughout the stage and making literal music with his feet. Zack would win most improved hands down, but he could win the whole competition just as easily after showing his passion isn't for tap dance—it's really for dance in general.

Jessica Richens (and Robert Roldan)
Style: Contemporary, Choreography by Travis Wall
Music: "When I Go" by Over the Rhine

After over the top performances last week, Jessica did exactly what she needed to do for her final routine, take it down a notch. The simplicity in the structure of the number allowed for Jessica's natural qualities to shine through, instead of trying to highlight certain areas she knows she is strong in. Confidence is definitely an issue with Jessica, noted in her being overwhelmed just working with Robert and Travis together and of course she did almost get eliminated twice. But this dance was full of fire and passion that felt appropriate and fitting to Jessica and that combination resulted in a spectacular number to end on, some (i.e. Jesse) may even say that they saved the best for last.

Alright then—the taps have been tapped and the pirouettes have been spun, it's all up to America now. The winner will be crowned next week and is expected to be dancing on Broadway sometime early next year. You know, in between their magazine cover shoot and figuring out how to spend $250,000. Don't you all wish you thought you could dance now?

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