So You Think You Can Dance recap: The Top 14 get dance-y

A whopping four dancers' dreams are deterred but not destroyed tonight as SYTYCD takes a midseason turn for the prolific.
Ep. 10 | Aired Jul 30, 2014

THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS Bridget and Emilio get down and devilish with some, uh, creative costuming in their jazz routine by Ray Leeper.  


Tanisha Belnap and Rudy Abreu
Style: Contemporary, Choreography by Mandy Moore
Song: "Seduces Me" by Celine Dion

I think Tanisha could seduce a napkin, and probably take it by surprise with her effortlessness every single time, but Rudy was also especially connected here. In a night of great performances, it wasn’t at the very top, but that one-armed lift was a standout, and as Mary said, a psychological feat as much as physical. Nigel added, “You know what they say—real men don’t lift weights, they lift women,” which, when not accompanied by some imagery, made for a very interesting mental picture. Of Tanisha, Christina simply "can’t."

Jacque LeWarne and Zack Everhart
Style: Paso Doble, Choreography by Jean Marc Genereux
Song: "Dragula" by Rob Zombie

Another "dark" number, another scarlet and black wardrobe—because blood and stuff, y’know? This music was a lot, but it was a campy dance with a campy vampire premise, and Jacque and Zack attacked the hell out of it. Nigel appreciated that the concept didn’t overshadow the routine, and Mary said it was “love at first bite.” Oh boy. Christina just wanted to tell Zack that he blows her away every week (because if Ricky is this season’s star quarterback, Zack is Jonathan “Mox” Moxon casually waiting to be called up from the bench).

Emily James and Teddy Coffey
Style: Broadway, Choreography by Carlyle Warren
Song: "From This Moment On," Kiss Me Kate (Original Soundtrack)

It was just too bad this routine didn’t go over better for two great dancers in the Bottom 6. Emily and Teddy actually started off really strong and kind of lost their way halfway through. Nigel said it's a tougher style than everyone might realize and his thighs were hurting just watching, but he was a little disappointed about how things fell apart at the end. Christina was quite taken with Teddy and his "otherworldly arms," and though the dance was a bit wobbly, she enjoyed it. But those wobbles just won’t cut it, apparently.

Jessica Richens and Casey Askew
Style: Contemporary, Choreography by Travis Wall
Song: "Like Real People Do" by Hozier

After a lineup of grittier dances that impressed but didn’t change Christina Applegate’s whole outlook on dance or anything, this airy vision of love was just what the audience (and Jessica and Casey) needed. That song! That wind! Those lifts! The kiss! I loved that the kiss we heard about in the rehearsal package wasn’t the climactic moment of the routine, simply a sweet moment in the beginning to "kiss, like real people do." Christina pointed out later in the show—very astutely—that Travis Wall nails his song choices time after time. The judges all agreed that the new pair found their chemistry impressively quickly and sent shock waves of sweetness throughout the audience with this truthful and organic love story. (The wind tunnel didn’t hurt.)

NEXT: Why, yes, that is the Nae Nae you just spotted in that hip-hop routine...

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