So You Think You Can Dance recap: Unleash the Dragon House

The final night of auditions brings us to Atlanta as two members of a familiar dance crew audition with very different results.
Ep. 04 | Aired Jun 18, 2014

Quantrell Colbert/FOX

Brandon "Crazy Legz" Jacobs, 23: Brandon and his friends gave the audience a brief lesson on his style of dance, known as cranking, before his audition to inform them of its background around Atlanta skating rinks and inspired by those wheeled moves. Clearly a house favorite with the audience inside, Brandon was able to get Jenna and Nigel moving along in their seats, too, for his robotic and energetic routine. It seemed to even bring Jenna back to the '90s a little, but that could have just been his leather jacket. His winning smile left a mark on the judges, but the style of crank still left a lot of questions about his overall dance ability. Next stop: Choreography

Angelina Granitz, 18: Angelina must have been one of those kids who started to dance because she was too nervous to say anything in large groups of people and needed to find a different way of expressing herself. The teenager was extremely shaky when she got on stage and revealed it was actually her older brother that inspired her to dance. She even admitted that he was probably a better dancer than her, but he quickly denied that from the audience. (That's known as being supportive.) Her brother's one big piece of advice actually turned out to be her only problem when he said "Don't be blah." Angelina was able to show off some good control and flexibility, but it was a little slow and boring. Nothing exciting happened. Nigel told her that she needed more dancing in the audition but felt that she was a different person once she started performing. No more dancing needed—the judges were convinced enough to let her through. Next stop: Hollywood

Cristina Moya-Palacios, 18: You know that saying, "Save the best for last"? Cristina Moya-Palacios was made for such a statement. Her audition was simply breathtaking and had a bit of everything from jumps and turns to an incredible demonstration of her artistry and musicality. If Nigel asks if you are a miracle dancer, there isn't much more you can say. And considering the fact that Cristina started to dance as a way to get out of the hospital when her younger brother was ill, makes it even more impressive. I loved the concentration in both Cristina and the judges face during the performance. Clearly, she is one to watch with a very close eye. Next stop: Hollywood

Jerrod Swain, 25: Okay, so technically Cristina wasn't actually the last, but close enough. The final performer of the day was another Atlanta cranker who seemed a little cranky and tired during his interview with Cat, though he may have been too distracted by her accent. The smooth talker admitted a little crush on Mary before he started, but quickly America had a crush on his adorable son Colby, who came on stage for a little pop and lock before his dad. Tough act to follow. The performance was cute I guess, but that seems like a weird way to explain a pop and lock piece. There simply wasn't much there beyond the simple entertainment factor of moving along with the music. However, Colby got his dad another chance to prove his dance worth. Next stop: Choreography

A much larger group of 32 dancers ended up in the choreography round at the end of day two, including the two crankers. Only nine dancers made it through, though, including Elaine Kimble, who definitely was able to give a little more this time around. At least the crankers have each other!

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