So You Think You Can Dance recap: Unleash the Dragon House

The final night of auditions brings us to Atlanta as two members of a familiar dance crew audition with very different results.
Ep. 04 | Aired Jun 18, 2014

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Mrs. Channing Tatum, aka dancer and actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum joined the panel for day 2 of auditions in the south and urged dancers to show their own style and passion in their performances and the first dancer of the day went well above that... literally.

Ricky Ubeda, 18: So You Think You Can Dance premiered in the summer of 2005 when this teen from Miami was only 9, but Ricky has been waiting for the opportunity to audition, aka become old enough to actually enter the competition. He chose to dedicate his contemporary piece (though he has dabbled in other styles) to his mother as a thank you for all of her dedication and support. We all would like to thank Ricky's mother for raising such an incredible dancer and so far, my favorite male contestant this season on the show. Ricky took his performance to new heights with amazing elevation out of his jumps and leaps into flawless turns and an overall very controlled, structured, and detailed piece. Jenna noted Ricky's ability to have an incredible amount of strength while performing but also stay light on his feet, and Nigel said he was one to watch to go all the way. Next stop: Hollywood

Marissa Milele, 18: Apparently a string of boys were doing well in Atlanta, so this wildcat had to be brought in to tame them down, whatever that means. Marissa had made it to the green mile last season therefore her ability to dance was never really put into question and she wanted to make sure of that. The performance was a little too hard and rough for me personally, but the powerhouse performer was also able to show extreme athleticism in her movements. That impressed Nigel enough to call her the beast of the season and the performance overall as stunning. No surprise here, but will Marissa be able to walk that green mile again this year? Next stop: Hollywood

Elaine Kimble, 26: Elaine's life completely changed a little more than 10 years ago when her mother had a stroke; it also revealed a condition with a hole in her heart, a trait Elaine discovered she shared with her mother, which gave her the ability to live life seriously each day and without regrets. She didn't tell her mom that she was auditioning, though, just in case things didn't work out. The judges said that the performance, though beautiful, was very safe. It could have been nerves or the emotion of the moment, but it just felt as if there was a little something extra missing, mostly because Elaine was still able to show incredible potential. That at least gave her a second chance. Next stop: Choreography

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