So You Think You Can Dance recap: Unleash the Dragon House

The final night of auditions brings us to Atlanta as two members of a familiar dance crew audition with very different results.
Ep. 04 | Aired Jun 18, 2014

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Chris "Mr. Strange AKA Freakshow" Griffin, 25: Chris was the first of two dancers from the Dragon House crew, you know the one that brought us Cyrus in season 9 and Blueprint in season 10, to audition in Atlanta. Chris had some humility to him, which was refreshing (especially considering what his peer ended up doing later in the day). He didn't seem to understand how a microphone worked but he definitely knew how to dance and show amazing flexibility and syncopation in his performance. And anyone who not only performs with their glasses but then also uses them as a prop is a winner. 10 points to Dragon House! Next stop: Hollywood

Conrad Decharbert, 26: Last year, Conrad was told that he danced too much like a girl at his audition and needed to bring more masculinity into his performance. So he got rid of the makeup (that's a good first step) and got his body pretty much covered in free tattoos over the last year to "man up." Without passing judgment, his back story was a little distracting before the music was even cued. But once the animal prints inked on his back were translated into an animalistic performance on the dance floor, Conrad proved his talent in a very strong performance. Nigel thought his face still felt a little light, which contradicted the rest of his body. To be honest, who wasn't really looking at his face and still trying to count how many tattoos he had? Good thing we can continue counting again next week. Next stop: Hollywood

Taveaus "Dynamic" Woods: Taveaus is a humble street performer out of Las Vegas who literally learned from the best, who just happens to also be his best friend and the winner last year, Fik-shun. Taveaus said he just wanted to try his best (don't they all say that?) but the judges seemed to think his best was pretty good. An early hat fall was handled well and Lil Buck was impressed with the diversity he was able to show, calling his bone breaking crazy. Yes, any dance style replicating bones being broken is also crazy, but it was meant in a different way. Taveaus showed he had extreme talent but limited overall range and didn't show enough in his initial audition to prove he had all the same abilities as his friend. Next stop: Choreography

Branden "Side Show" Feimster, 22: This man belongs in a circus, and I can say that because he admitted it himself. Unfortunately, he doesn't belong on this show. Feimster was the second Dragon House member to show up in Atlanta and was proud to show off his legit pop and locking and his trademark top hat that he must have stolen from an Abraham Lincoln museum. Even though his nickname served as a warning, things got pretty weird pretty fast. While talking to the judges before his audition, Branden got extremely caught up in the emotions of the moment, screaming that he had been dancing ever since he was in his mother's belly to the point that others thought she was possessed. Umm... okay then. Can you just stop talking and start dancing? "I don't want to talk no more Nigel, I want to dance." Okay good—glad you agree.

Be careful what you wish for. I can barely remember Branden's actual performance at this point, but it definitely wasn't bad. It also though, as Nigel pointed out, wasn't very original and wasn't really a true pop and lock routine, more of a pantomime. Mary said she enjoyed it which apparently was all that mattered to Branden, except for the second after when he remembered what Nigel had just said and suddenly became very offended and defensive by it, even saying that it had hurt his soul. This began a little argument between the two after Nigel said he wasn't able to take criticism at all and that he was simply rude. It's likely he would have been given an opportunity to at least go to the choreography round given his Dragon House allegiance and audition, but his attitude got him absolutely no where. Next stop: Home

It was nice that the rest of the crew came over to the judges afterward to apologize for the side show that had just happened on stage as day 1 came to an end. 15 dancers, including Taveaus, made it to the choreography but only 7 of them (not including Taveaus) made it through with 12 total dancers getting tickets to the Los Angeles callbacks.

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