So You Think You Can Dance recap: Don't Judge a Dancer By His Shoes

The top 20 is revealed after a grueling round of callbacks in Los Angeles quickly eliminate the good from the great.
Ep. 05 | Aired Jun 25, 2014

Adam Rose/FOX

Round Six: Groups

Their minds and bodies are burnt but the contestants don't get a break as they are divided into groups of five in order to have a variety of dance styles represented and therefore present a challenge for everyone. After randomly selecting a CD of music, the groups are given all night to choreograph an original piece before performing for the judges (yet again) in the morning. Overall, the judges were very disappointed in the groups. However, the audience should be more disappointed in the lack of purpose for this round if by the end, only 6 dancers get eliminated, still leaving 44 for final solos. One group called "One Love" had a dramatic moment when Nigel (almost) made them vote one of themselves out, but because they were each willing to take the blame and go home and stand up for one another, they made it through. That's nice, but this is a dance competition, not Miss Congeniality.

Round Seven: Final Solos

The dancers only had one singular sensational moment left to earn their spot in the top 20 and the opportunity to perform for America's votes. While standing in their own chorus lines, some of the contestants shared why they thought they deserve to make it, a.k.a., answering the questions, "So, you think you can dance?" The highlight was obviously Ricky Umeda who showed incredible control (and loss of control) with his body in a darker piece than his first audition that proved his versatility has not even been tapped into yet. Ricky is also the type of performer who will thrive more with a live studio audience on a big stage. With so much dancing packed into so little time, not everyone was really given enough TV time to show off just yet, but we'll just trust the judges. After a trip down the green mile, 10 men and 10 women were given the news they had been hoping and dancing for.

Here is the full list of the top 20:

Men: Ricky Ubeda, Teddy Coffey, Stanley Glover, Emilio Dosal, Zack Everheart, Casey Askew, Nick Garcia, Serge Onik, Marcquet Hill, Rudy Abreu

Women: Jessica Richens, Jacque Luong, Carly Blaney, Bridget Whitman, Valerie Rockey, Jourdan Epstein, Emily James, Tanisha Belknap, Malene Ostegaard, Brooklyn Fullmer

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