So You Think You Can Dance recap: Practically Perfect

Tickets are given out freely during auditions in Chicago and Hollywood and bring out a Miley Cyrus look-alike and a completely new interpretation of everyone's favorite flying nanny.
Ep. 02 | Aired Jun 4, 2014

Nice splits dude, but save it for the judges.

Adam Rose/Fox

Sebastian Serra, 24: Sebastian is another dancer coming back from rejection in past seasons and he knows that expectations are bigger coming back again so he wanted to make the most of this second chance. And by most, I guess he meant he wanted to take up most of the stage. While looking to have just as fun as before but with a better result, Sebastian didn't hold back at all, making huge leaps across the stage from the moment his music began. Mary even commented that she thought they were going to need a bigger stage because he was filling it up so much -- in a good way, of course. That ability to really command the stage reminded Christina of Chehon Wespi-Tschopp from season 9 and he won, so you can't ask for a better compliment than that. Next stop: Hollywood

Dani Platz, 18: Another inspiring story from a young dancer came from Dani, who stopped dancing at 16 after 13 years due to an eating disorder she suffered in high school where she claims "self-judgement became a problem." There were no physical signs of the disorder on her body, but the emotional scars were definitely permanent and evident in the moving piece she performed after taking off more than two years from dancing. Due to some contortion elements, Nigel called it both beautiful and ugly and felt the music and sadness in her performance. Clearly, dance has given Dani a second chance in life and loving herself and the ability to not only heal, but to share that story and part of her healing on national television. It's incredibly brave, and as Christina said, she will help a lot of girls watching the show, beyond just perfecting their turnout. Though Christina would have sent her through right away, Mary and Nigel wanted to see her again, maybe without as many emotions around her (and them). Next stop: Choreography. 

Marie "Poppins" Bonnevay, 27: The last dancer of the night wasn't trying to be practically perfect in every way; that really isn't Marie Poppins' style. The French native took on her nickname from the popping style of dance she has come to love over the past seven years, performing in Vegas casinos and along the strip, trying to catch any and everyone's attention she could, a real test of a true performer, in her mind. Well, if there was a real test, Marie Poppins just got an A+. Beyond the popping, you could see the influence of other dance styles and that, as a dancer, she would probably be able to easily transition across them all. Then she got off the stage and right onto the judges' platform and had some fun with them and Fik-Shun, who I guess can't let it go that he won last year. Don't get me wrong, Fik-Shun is great and his performance with Kyle was worthy, but I felt like he was unnecessarily trying to upstage Marie here. Luckily, it further proved Marie's skills and her ability to go with the flow. Marie got emotional when she was finished, mostly just grateful for the opportunity to perform. I'm grateful it won't be the last time. Next stop: Hollywood

At the end of day 1 in Hollywood, 14 dancers were sent to the choreography round. Not surprisingly, Kyle couldn't really handle the drastic shift in style and bowed out of the competition. Well, at least he didn't puke in front of everyone! That would be really -- oh wait, someone totally just vomited all over the stage. As Valerie Cherish and Mary Murphy say, "I didn't need to see that!" Valerie the tapper and Dani fared better, though, and kept their lunches in their stomachs after receiving their tickets to the next round.

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