So You Think You Can Dance recap: Practically Perfect

Tickets are given out freely during auditions in Chicago and Hollywood and bring out a Miley Cyrus look-alike and a completely new interpretation of everyone's favorite flying nanny.
Ep. 02 | Aired Jun 4, 2014

Nice splits dude, but save it for the judges.

Adam Rose/Fox

Justine Lutz, 19: Justine has been studying jazz and ballet since she was 3, a very common age for dancers to begin, it seems, but chose to do a contemporary piece for her audition. I'm pretty sure it was just some editing done by the producers to make it seem like she was crazy to try something else, but she clearly has had a little contemporary experience at this point. I mean, who hasn't? The judges love dancers who incorporate multiple styles of dance into one piece, so many dancers who audition are smart to learn as many styles as possible. Justine's piece showed some incredible core work on her behalf, but more impressive to me was the effective and lyrical way she used her long limbs. Like Jaja, the judges didn't need to say much after. Next stop: Hollywood

Daisie Mendosia and Mauricio Vera, 27: Warning: If beautiful and talented people in love make you jealous, then don't follow Daisie and Mauricio for the rest of the season. The couple met dancing in Santiago together and have been in love ever since. No, but seriously, they are in love, y'all -- or at least like to kiss a lot, maybe even too much, to be honest. The thing that struck me the most about the couple's performance was the high level of professionalism and precision they displayed. Clearly, they had been partners many times before, but the performance still felt fresh and alive. Christina was in tears, partly from the love she felt from the performance and partly from the regret that her toes were never strong enough to be a ballerina. Nigel was worried that it would be difficult for Mauricio to show his complete skills while at the same time complementing Daisie, but felt the piece showed they definitely deserve each other. Next stop for both: Hollywood 

Miley Cyrus Hailee Payne, 19: If someone says they are a little like Miley Cyrus, then that gives you permission to make fun of them, right? All kidding aside, the spunky and quirky teen had a lot of energy on stage, and as Mary noted, she committed 100 percent to every move and piece of her jazz-funk choreography. I'm pretty sure Nigel even said that he "loved her to death" before the audition was even halfway over. Hailee's personality is almost as big as her high kick, which will be very important later on in the season if she can make it to the live shows. Side note: Did anyone else find her "cute" family a little confusing though? Why was her softball-loving mom sitting so far away from her dad, the one who got her to dance, with his male friend? Oh wait, I think I just got it... Next stop: Hollywood

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