Survivor recap: Oh My God!

Matt looks to a higher power for direction, but does it lead him down the wrong road?
Ep. 08 | Aired Apr 6, 2011

DÉJÀ VU: Mat finally got off Redemption Island…at least for a day or two.

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Amber has a stuffed animal collection?
Making up a merged tribe name and saying it stands for something it doesn’t is nothing new on Survivor, but Rob's choice of Murlonio, which he claimed meant "from the sea, united" was interesting for what it does actually represent. According to Rob, Murlonio is the "ringleader" of Amber's stuffed animal collection. So first off, Amber still has a stuffed animal collection. So there's that. But why said stuffed animals need a ringleader remains unclear. Are they disgruntled? Are they possibly mobilizing against someone or something? Against Boston Rob, perhaps? (Hey, at least then someone would then be putting up a little resistance to the Robfather. At this point a stuffed Winnie the Pooh or Snoopy would probably be more of a match for Rob than giggly Natalie or Ashley.)

The Christian coalition
I've said it before and I'll say it again: God does not give two floods who wins Survivor. The dude has much more pressing concerns to deal with. So yes, when Matt said that God wanted him to be victorious at Redemption Island, I rolled my eyes. But I loved what Mike was doing by reading out passages from the pink Bible that Krista gave Matt. Maybe he was just sincerely enjoying the teachings for himself, and that's totally fine. Or maybe, just maybe, he was indeed trying to form a "Christian coalition" (as Rob called it) to woo Matt over to the Zapatera side.

Of course, nothing escapes Boston Rob, who immediately worried about people bonding over anything — God, romantic comedies, or Oreo cookies. (Just for the record, I would totally be down for a Double Stuf alliance should anyone be willing and ready to form one.) Rob's the only person in his entire tribe playing the game, but damn, he is playing it well.

Survivor has balls
Before we get to the immunity challenge, can we pause for the cause to recognize what may just be the dopest-looking immunity necklace in Survivor history? I've poked a fair amount of fun at some of the ugly contraptions they've fastened around winners' necks in the past, but I've got nothing but love for this pimped-out accessory. It looks like it comes straight out of the freakin' Stargate or something, with mystical powers that could include — but are not limited to — lasers shooting out of the middle and the ability to summon some ancient beast from the underworld. (GORILION!)

Last week's immunity contest was a huge, sprawling obstacle course and it was a blast watching teams have to literally break through brick walls. But this week reminded us of the power of simplicity. Stand on a log and balance balls on a disc. Whoever does it longest wins. I've always been a big fan of endurance competitions where it is a case of mind over matter. Of course, balance played a big part in this one as well. Phillip was having trouble balancing on his log right off the bat, which surprised me because isn’t he supposed to be Mr. Roller Disco King? (Note to self: Buy Phillip a robe that has "Mr. Roller Disco King" spelled out in sparkly gems on the back.)

Phillip ended up recovering and going pretty far, but it eventually came down to Mike versus someone I have never seen before in my entire life. Oh, right, sorry — Natalie. You'll have to forgive me for being unable to recall all her scintillating sound bites. Are we absolutely sure Brett from Samoa didn’t pull some Freaky Friday-type experiment and end up in the body of a 19-year-old professional-volleyball cheerleader? And wouldn't you know it, but just like Brett, Natalie proved that she could be both deathly boring and win a challenge, outlasting Mike to don the badass-looking immunity necklace.

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