Survivor recap: How The Mighty Have Fallen

It’s time to count our Survivor blessings as Pete and Abi-Maria are forced to scramble to stay alive
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 21, 2012

ACTING HAPPY Former actors Jonathan and Lisa don't have to pretend to be elated after toppling Abi and Pete.

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I am thankful for the next best thing to Eliza Orlins
I went on last week about how nobody will ever top Vanuatu and Micronesia’s Eliza Orlins when it comes to incredible jury facial expressions. And I stand by that. I mean, just look at some of her ridiculous I-can’t decide-whom-to-vote-for moves on display in this Jeff Probst Public Service Announcement video.

But I also mentioned that RC was a worthy successor to the Throne of Orlins, and she proved it again this week, busting out an over-exaggerated clap when Probst asked Pete what it was like to go from the top of the tribe to the bottom. She then followed that up by grinning from ear to ear while watching Abi cry. Bad night for Abi. Great one for RC.

I am thankful that Abi did not get voted out. Seriously!
That’s right. After all I have written the past few weeks, you might be surprised to learn I am happy that Abi survived for another week. But I am very much looking forward to seeing what shenanigans this little crackpot will be up to next. It would be a different story if she were in charge and bullying people around, of course. But since she is relatively powerless, I’m all for watching her suffer in surliness for a bit longer. So I was happier to see Team Jacob be voted off instead. Pete’s high point was fanning the flames of the Abi and RC feud by planting the hidden immunity idol clue by RC’s bag. He hadn’t done much since then except bag on Skupin, so we don’t lose a lot by losing him.  He was your pretty typical overconfident alpha-male, but to his credit, he took his ouster in stride. We’ll have to wait at least another week to see how Abi takes hers.

Until then, you can entertain yourself by reading my weekly Q&A with host Jeff Probst about the episode. And catch an exclusive deleted scene as well as my pre-game interview with Pete in the video player below. And for more Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. Now it’s your turn. What about this last Survivor episode made you thankful? Hit the message boards with you thoughts, musings, dreams, aspirations, whatever, and I’ll be back next week with another Skupin of the crispy. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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