Survivor recap: How The Mighty Have Fallen

It’s time to count our Survivor blessings as Pete and Abi-Maria are forced to scramble to stay alive
Ep. 10 | Aired Nov 21, 2012

ACTING HAPPY Former actors Jonathan and Lisa don't have to pretend to be elated after toppling Abi and Pete.

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I am thankful there is always one completely self-absorbed person who goes back and brags about how incredible his/her reward challenge was.
I get it. You’re stuck on an island. There are, like, 23-and-a-half hours of down time. Conversation topics run scarce after awhile. But still, you have to have little to no social skills to realize that going back and bragging about how awesome your island getaway feast/massage/bath was when you are sitting next to a bunch of people that are dirty and hungry is perhaps not the best course of action.

Leave it to Abi to once again shove her good fortune into everyone’s face. Here are just a few of the gems she unleashed upon her return from reward. “I was eating like a crazy woman…I felt like a princess… It was like an oasis in the desert…It was breathtaking...It was like the cover of a travel magazine..I felt like I was in paradise…I became Cinderella.” It is always delightful to see someone so completely oblivious to their own obnoxiousness. Of course, Abi saved her best for last. “I am done with the kitchen,” she announced, saying she was going to continue eating the food but no longer help to prepare it. And this is the same woman who later at Tribal Council said, “Wow, I never thought I was an unlikable person.”

I am thankful to still be surprised by Survivor.
There are not a lot of things that shock me anymore. The prolonged ineptitude of The Washington Wizards, perhaps. The continued existence of Rules of Engagement, I suppose. And the fact there are apparently My Little Pony characters named Baby Snookums, Daffidazey, and Flitter Flutter. But not a lot otherwise, especially from a show in its 25th season. But there was something truly shocking in this last episode of Survivor.

Did I just see what I thought I saw? Did Jonathan Penner just turn down a promise for a final four alliance? Did he really just tell Skupin and Lisa that he wants to take it one thing at a time and not commit that far down the line? Penner? Seriously? Well, I certainly did not see that one coming. JP is clearly playing the long game. Instead of just looking to get to the end, he wants to make sure he has the jury votes to win should he get there. And that means not backstabbing the people on that jury. But that doesn’t even come into play if you don’t make it there. According to Lisa, “I think he missed an opportunity.” She and Skupin then headed to the woods and made their final 4 alliance with Malcolm and Denise instead. And I am very, very curious to see how that decision will end up shaking out for Penner in the end. The general rule of Survivor is, if someone offers you a long-term alliance, you accept it (even if you do not plan to live up to it). We’ll see how this alternate approach plays out.

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