Survivor season finale recap: A Finale You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

After a shocking Tribal Council request, the most deserving player emerges victorious
Ep. 14 | Aired May 12, 2013

'IT IS TIME TO VOTE' And the most important one went Cochran's way.


After this, the jury questions begin. Malcolm lies and tells Dawn his vote is still up for grabs if she fights for it, while Eddie tells Cochran he will vote for him depending on where he sits the next time they go out for a beer. That’s not some sort of metaphor or joke. That’s what Eddie is actually basing his vote on. Phillip then confuses everyone by complimenting Sherri only to then add, “As of this day forward you are no longer a member of Stealth-R-Us. I am now rescinding that and taking that back. I have nothing further for you.”

Erik wasn’t voted out so he can’t be mad at anyone, right? Wrong! The Silent One will be silent no longer! “Are you aware of the damage you caused when you played the game that you played?” he lights into Dawn. Then he turns his Reichenbach wrath onto Sherri, informing her that, “You never did anything in this game. You were a seashell on the beach the entire game and that’s why no one respects you.” I never really understood why people light into floaters like this at final Tribal. They floated. So don’t vote for them. I wouldn’t vote for them. But why go out of your way to tell them how useless they are? To my knowledge, Sherri did not hurt anyone emotionally or personally in this game. So don’t vote for her and leave it at that. Of course, Sherri is not going to leave it at that: “If you’re done with me, I’m done with you,” she tells Erik. “I don’t need to listen to you. I don’t need your vote. Obviously I’m not going to get it. You can sit down.”

Michael is up next. He makes the excellent point that Cochran is getting off scot-free while Dawn is taking all the heat. And then it is Reynold’s turn. Reynold is all about one thing: Reynold. So it is no surprise that he uses his time to yell at Dawn to come up with three adjectives to describe…Reynold! She finally complies, telling him he is chauvinistic, vulgar, and has a great sense of humor (I would agree with two of those three) and Reynold then orders her to tell the jury that she kicked their ass in the game and liked it.

Andrea acts like an adult by announcing “I’m not bitter” and giving props to Dawn for the way she played, but then it is time for the main event: Dawn Vs. Brenda II: This Time It’s Personal. And ohhhhhh, is it personal. It’s time for the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth. Brenda asks whether Dawn would have really quit the game if she had not been able to find her retainer for her missing front three teeth. When Dawn responds that she would not have quit, Brenda hits her with this: “I need you to go beyond words this time and I need you to prove it to me. I want everyone to see you the way I saw you that day. I want you to take out your teeth, Dawn”

NEXT: Brenda humiliates Dawn just for the hell of it

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