Survivor recap: Stop Talking to Dawn!

Another contestant makes the mistake of spilling the beans to Dawn, setting off a flurry of idol-related activity at Tribal Council
Ep. 09 | Aired Apr 10, 2013

MEEHAN IN THE MIDDLE Dawn was once again the object of a rebel alliance's desire

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At Tribal Council, Erik starts acting out Survivor: Monkey Island by removing bugs form Andrea’s hair (although he doesn’t fully commit and eat them), Phillip continues to publicize every single move that Stealth “R” Us makes by gleefully informing Jeff Probst of Sherri’s new code name, Sherri and Eddie get into a minor war of words, and Phillip goes out of his way to mention “season 22 Redemption Island” as many times as humanly possible.

But then Phillip goes from silly to just plain stupid. After spending all this time and energy to make sure Malcolm has no clue that the Favorites are all still working against him, the Faves have to sit there and watch Phillip go off on a speech about how anyone that thinks they’re smart and tries to flip will get flushed out. It is around this point when it finally dawned on me: Philip Sheppard does not know what the word stealth means. He can’t. Because every single move Phillip Sheppard has made in this game has been the exact opposite of stealth. Hell, for this latest outburst he may as well have just gotten Tata the bushman to make him a big flashing neon sign that he could have held up at Tribal Council saying “Malcolm, we know what you are doing and are all united against you. P.S. Buy my new book, The Costa Rica Job, available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I plan to tweet about it early and often.”

So everyone goes up to vote, and then all chaos breaks out. Reynold goes to play his idol, but then Malcolm stops him in his tracks. “Hold up, Reynold,” says Malcolm. “They all voted for me. You can tell. That’s what that whole story was about. Give it to me and we’re in good shape. I’m being dead serious right now.” And then Reynold gives it to him! This is amazing for many reasons. Let’s look at just a few.

1. Malcolm already has an idol of his own! And yet instead of playing it, he got someone else who was also in danger and about three steps away from playing it to give it to him his instead. BRILLIANT! What if Reynold had said no? Would Malcolm have then played his? Did he even bring his? So many questions, but a truly bold and ballsy move by Malcolm.

2. The best part about Malcolm getting Reynold to give him his idol? The fact that Malcolm voted for Reynold to be out of the game. Incredible.

3. As dramatic as all of this was, it ended up making no difference whatsoever because the Faves and Sherri ended up following Andrea’s new plan to vote out Michael, and boy, are they glad they did. Although it should be pointed out that had Phillip not been so positively transparent and un-stealthy in his Tribal Council comments, that they could have stuck with the plan to vote off Malcolm. So in the end, whether Reynold or Malcolm played it didn’t really matter. The idol would be flushed either way. But damn, it sure was fun to watch.

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