Survivor recap: Stop Talking to Dawn!

Another contestant makes the mistake of spilling the beans to Dawn, setting off a flurry of idol-related activity at Tribal Council
Ep. 09 | Aired Apr 10, 2013

MEEHAN IN THE MIDDLE Dawn was once again the object of a rebel alliance's desire

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For her part, Dawn is shocked that Malcolm is falling into the exact same trap his biggest ally did just a few days prior: “It’s nuts! The fact that I’m coming back after Corinne’s vote and Malcolm is still trusting me when I’m the person that gave the information on Corinne tells me that he’s not dialed in.” (Said quote also provides us with this week’s Wacky Dawn Meehan GIF of the Week when she does a simultaneous eye and hand freak-out with “It’s nuts.” Someone get on that pronto!)

So Malcolm then tells Reynold to show Dawn the idol, and show her he does, but with a very ominous warning. “If you don’t follow through. I go home tonight, so don’t screw me. If I have reason to doubt you, I’m gong to play it for myself tonight.” Dawn takes offense at this, saying that, “I can’t stand people that intimidate other people,” although I read it less as a threat than a plea and statement of fact. But the lady is 100 percent correct when she says, “Shame on you. You shouldn’t have shown me your idol. Shame on you, Malcolm You shouldn’t have brought me in.”

Survivor is all about identifying the right people you can trust or manipulate. Russell Hantz did it perfectly with Shambo in Samoa and getting Tyson to switch his vote in Heroes vs. Villains. Coach, of all people, also successfully pegged Cochran in South Pacific and rode that move all the way to the finals. Julia, Corinne and now Malcolm all flat out picked the wrong person. And Dawn definitely deserves credit for deceptively making them all think that she was trustworthy enough to talk to. It’s like when Russell got J.T. to give him the Heroes’ hidden immunity idol wrapped in a gooey love letter. We’ve seen courtesy of secret deleted scenes that Dawn has a very solid alliance partner in Cochran, and the fact that they appear to have concealed that from the rest of the tribe can not be underestimated. Corinne and Malcolm never would have approached just Dawn to flip if they realized how tight those two were.

It reminds me of the secret chess alliance between super snarky Danielle and virgin Jason in Big Brother 3. Nobody else had a clue they were secret alliance partners, because they made a point of only talking strategy when others thought they were playing chess. Dawn and Cochran have evidently kept a pretty good lid on their alliance as well. If anyone saw them as a solid unit, they would immediately become targets themselves.

So the plan is all set for Malcolm to get voted out, but then Eddie initiates one last conversation with Andrea, and in that conversation Eddie inadvertently reveals that Reynold may play a hidden immunity idol — the same idol Eddie previously promised Andrea they did not have. WHOOPS! But he also tells her that her name has come up, which she should have already known, but now she is getting cold feet about the plan.

She immediately runs and tells Cochran and Dawn that they need to change it up and go for the safe play of voting idol-less Michael off instead. And to think that Dawn was soooooo close to getting though an episode without crying! “I feel like my whole game is lost now,” she says through the oncoming tears as Dawn frets about all the work she did to deceive Malcolm, who now might end up staying in the game after all.

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