Survivor recap: Stop Talking to Dawn!

Another contestant makes the mistake of spilling the beans to Dawn, setting off a flurry of idol-related activity at Tribal Council
Ep. 09 | Aired Apr 10, 2013

MEEHAN IN THE MIDDLE Dawn was once again the object of a rebel alliance's desire

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So Dawn goes and does what Dawn does best (besides crying, that is) and tells everyone else about Malcolm flipping. They form a new plan to make Malcolm think the other faves are splitting the votes for Eddie and Reynold (or “Reynolds”, as Phillip calls him) when in fact, they plan to now take out Malcolm himself.

This is followed by a really weird yet enlightening scene of Andrea and Eddie hanging out by the lagoon while they both pretend to be hitting on each other while telling us that they are basically just trying to use each other in the game. The key moment is when Eddie flat out lies to Andrea about Reynold having an idol. This lie will come into play later in the episode, but first we need to head to the immunity challenge to see how many people will drown.

Let me be absolutely clear in what I am about to say: I LOVE this immunity challenge. It’s one we’ve seen before, but not in a good long while. The most classic iteration of it saw Ozzy wannabe Jason Siska actually beat Ozzy in it in the first Fans vs Favorites. The concept is pretty simple, as each player takes a spot in the water under a steel barrier. Then, as the tide rises, the water rises and the space to breathe decreases until there is no space to speak of. The last person to stay there wins. I love challenges like this that involve both ingenuity and mind over matter. The person that will win is the one who can come up with the most creative way to keep taking air in and out while not panicking as their entire face becomes submerged.

The players start out with about seven inches of breathing spaces, but 30 minutes in it is down to three inches, and an hour in it is down to a single inch. And then the contestants start dropping out. First Phillip, then Sherri, then…Erik? Well, that’s a bit of a surprise. Later, when Eddie, Cochran, and Reynold all exit simultaneously, it is down to just Andrea and Brenda. Andrea takes it to the very limit, removing her draped legs off the bars, going all the way under water, coming back up, but then eventually bowing out. That leaves Brenda as the victor, although since she can’t hear anything, Probst tells the contestants that someone has to jump in the water to let her know. And if there is a hot chick that needs to be grabbed in the water, you can bet that Eddie is going to be that someone to grab her.

Big props to Brenda, who until this point has been more invisible than any other single returning player EVER who has made it this far in the game. That’s a pretty incredible feat when you consider that Brenda was considered a big breakout character in her original run of Survivor: Nicaragua. Which just goes to show you how awful of a season Survivor: Nicaragua was. (Probst has comments on Brenda in this week’s Q&A that I encourage you to check out.)

So back to camp we go, where Malcolm is clearly displaying the early signs of Meehanitis, getting played by the sweet little Mormon mama who has convinced him that she is on board to vote off Andrea. “Dawn is really working it,” says Andrea. “Dawn is like the MVP.  I don’t now where this Dawn came from. Dawn is good at this.” Malcolm even tells Dawn that Reynold has an immunity idol, which she then says she wants to see. Why? WHY NOT! If they’re going to hand over the farm, take the damn farm!

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