Survivor recap: Welcome to the Vomitorium

It’s the return of the Survivor food challenge, as well as a return to some good ol’ fashioned strategy talk of yesteryear
Ep. 08 | Aired Apr 3, 2013

"I'D KISS YOU, BUT I HAVE BALUT BREATH" Cochran and Andrea enjoy a little down time

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Back at camp, nobody seems annoyed with Cochran’s display. In fact, Malcolm says he’s glad that JC got to win something before he got sent home. Meanwhile, Phillip and Corinne argue about who should be voted out. Phillip wants to do a split vote between Eddie and Reynold. Corinne says she hates the split vote, to which Phillip responds, “I believe, like Boston Rob, in getting rid of the power first.” Is Phillip getting paid for every time he says Boston Rob’s name? Is there a quota he is trying to hit? Are he and Corinne is some sort of arms race to see who can go out of their way more to mention the words “gay” and “Boston Rob” as much as possible? (Winner gets to “throat-punch” the other.)

So we know what happens next: Corinne unnecessarily tells Dawn about moving against Phillip after the next vote, and Dawn — having already been burned by not acting up to protect herself after Cochran flipped in her last season — immediately tells her alliance about the betrayal. (That Dawn is turning into quite the tattletale this season — first on Julia and now on Corinne. Memo to all past, present, and future Survivor players: STOP TALKING TO DAWN!) And the fate of the game ends up in Erik’s hands. “I have no idea what’s going on,” says the former ice cream scooper. “So I feel like I’m the swing vote. I’m suddenly becoming a very valuable player, which is so cool. I just wish I knew what I was going to do.” I take it all back: That is the most Erik quote Erik has ever said.

This is one of those weird Tribal Councils where pretty much everyone thinks they are safe, even if they’re not saying it. “I don’t think the Fans have a shot,” says Sherri, even as she knows there’s a damn good chance that Favorite Corinne is the one going home. “Everybody’s got a plan until you get punched in the face,” says Corinne. Little does she realize that she’s the one about to get punched, but I suppose that can happen when you’re not looking for new friend applications.

“Oh my God,” gasps Corinne when the vote gets to 5-5 and she realizes what has transpired. Two votes later, and she’s gone. And not only is she gone, but she doesn't even get to be part of the jury, which in recent seasons has been pretty much automatic for anyone who makes it past the merge. As shocking as Corinne's ouster must have been for her, the most shocking thing for us is hearing how not bitter she sounds in her final words. I thought she would treat her former Favorites as if they were all Sugar Kiper clones, but she is surprisingly calm about the entire thing. I didn’t think I would say this when the season began, but I’ll actually miss Corinne. She was a walking-talking quote machine the past few weeks, and she totally had the right idea about shaking the game up. She just picked the wrong person and the wrong time to do it. I look forward to hearing how she feels about it now when we speak on Thursday’s edition of the InsideTV Podcast. [UPDATE: Our Corinne interview is now live and boy, is it a doozy.]

But we have tons more to carry you over until then. Make sure to read what Jeff Probst has to say about Corinne’s ouster in our weekly Q&A. Plus, we have an exclusive MUST-SEE deleted scene from the episode in the video player below of Cochran going off on Phillip. And you can also check out my midseason interview with Malcolm, in which he talks about one big pre-merge moment that you didn’t see. Finally, for more Survivor scoop delivered right to you, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

Now it’s your turn. Are you glad, grossed out, or both to see the old-school food challenge back? Sorry to see Corinne go? And which side would you have picked if you were swing vote Erik? Hit the message boards to let us know and I’ll be back next week with another scoop of the crispy!

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