Survivor recap: Cornea Karma

After days of screaming, sleeping, and threatening to quit, Shamar is ultimately done in by a bad eye
Ep. 04 | Aired Mar 6, 2013

A SMASHING LACK OF SUCCESS Matt smashed his immunity challenge tile, yet the Fans lost once again

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If I’m Matt or Michael, I dump Laura. Not only is she a liability in challenges, but if that five person alliance later falls along gender lines as it appears it may, then the men (Matt and Michael) are in a minority against the women (Sherri, Julia, and Laura). Dropping Laura evens out those numbers. The only part of the plan you need to be careful about is you need to make Eddie and Reynold feel like you’re with them now so that if there is a tribe shake-up, you maintain their loyalty and they don’t jump over to the Faves. But the chances of a tribe shake-up this early are slim, so it’s worth that risk.

If I’m Sherri, however, I keep Laura for a few reasons. For one thing, you lose your gender numbers advantage for deeper in the game. For another, you lose the person who appears (to us at least) to be your closest partner. Losing someone you can count on and trust this early in the game is a huge concession. You also have to worry about how that impacts the trust and bonds you try to form with others. Why should they trust you later when you already slit a strong ally’s throat? I could be wrong. Maybe Sherrie and Laura weren’t that close at all. It’s hard to tell judging on the snippets we’ve seen of them together, but the one thing I am pretty sure of is that Sherri has more to lose with this change of strategy that Matt or Michael did. I’m not going to even bother writing about what Julia should do because I don’t even know who the hell she is.

Off to Tribal Council we go, where Eddie once again proves to be America’s sweetheart by going on about how physically inept all the women are. He basically calls out Sherri as being weak, Julia being strong…for a girl, and Laura as the weakest person in the tribe. Yes, they have lost five out of six challenges. However that can’t be all the fault of the females. We know Reynold has been a challenge beast, but what exactly have Eddie, Matt, and Michael done to outdo the Bikal males (with one of those males being Cochran)? Not a whole hell of a lot. GIRL POWER, BABY! (Although, to be fair, I’m not sure how much “power” Laura brings to the proceedings.)

So Reynold does use his hidden immunity idol, but it turns out he didn’t need it as the tribe unanimously boots Laura instead. Too bad. I actually liked Laura. She seemed to have a good grip on the strategic side of the game. Unfortunately for her, that is but one side of the game. So was this a one Tribal stay of execution for Reynold and Eddie, or will Duck Dynasty and his partner in crime make a new Sausage Party alliance with the fellas? Only time will tell. But trust me on one thing: If it does not meet with Brandon Hantz’s approval, homeboy will go full-on loco!

And you would be loco not to check out this week’s Q&A with Jeff Probst, in which the host discusses Shamar’s injury, the lack of puzzles, and the one and only Tata. Also treat yo’self  to an exclusive deleted scene in the video player below. And for more Survivor scoop, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. Now it’s your turn. Did the Fans make the right move in voting off Laura? Happy to see Shamar go? Surprised to see Tata have more game with the ladies than Cochran? Hit the message boards to speak your mind, and I’ll be back next week with another scoop of the crispy!

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