Survivor recap: No Love Lost

A decision at the loved ones challenge puts a plan in motion to send the winner packing — complete with plenty of emotional baggage. Plus: Where does this season rank when compared to all the others?
Ep. 13 | Aired May 8, 2013

HUGGING IT OUT Brenda’s fatal flaw was winning the loved ones challenge in the first place


Now you have the exact same situation with Dawn. Should she make it to the finals, the people on the jury are more likely to blame her for their ouster than someone like Cochran whom they were not as close to. In effect, Dawn will be punished for connecting with these people on a personal level, while the individual who was less friendly will not be. She may have been able to overcome all that, but not after slitting Brenda’s throat. Brenda is the one who dove down and found her teeth. Brenda is the one who constantly comforted Dawn and talked her off the proverbial emotional ledge, even up to the day before Dawn turned on her.

Brenda is now going to the jury house completely depressed and demoralized and since the jury members are not sequestered from each other, you have to assume the animosity towards Dawn and the way she could do that to her will only spread. People in this game generally do not tend to look kindly upon people that betray one of their closest allies. A perceived lack of loyalty often comes back to haunt people when it comes to the jury, and I have to believe that it is now going to seriously haunt Dawn should she make it that far. (Again, the fact that Dawn stayed loyal to her true ally — Cochran — does not matter. It is who the jury perceives that she should have stayed loyal to that matters. Perception becomes reality.)

I get that Brenda would have beaten Dawn in the finals so the natural inclination in such a scenario is to get rid of her, but by doing so in this way at this time, now I think everybody beats Dawn in the finals. (Which, incidentally, sucks for me since Dawn was my episode 1 pick to win it all.) Cochran and Dawn have been strong allies in this game, but this was a move that played out significantly better for only one of them. When you use your emotions to make personal connections in this game, and then without warning sever those connections, that creates scars that take a long time to heal. And they won’t be healed in the next three days when voting time comes. Maybe I’m completely wrong. My friend Janae keeps telling me that and the jury will respect Dawn’s ability to put personal concerns aside and make solid game moves, but I doubt it. Sorry, Janae.

And now it’s time to recap this bad boy from the top. I’ll try to keep the tangents to a minimum since the penultimate episode is when I also update my Survivor season-by-season rankings. Where will Survivor: Caramoan fall? Read on after the recap to find out.

It’s day 35 on the Madeline tribe, and poor Eddie is depressed. Is it a lack of food? Dehydration? Fear over his own place in the game? Nope! Eddie’s bummed because he has once again been thwarted in his attempts at hooking up island style. “All the chicks that I go after and try to hook up with get voted out,” he complains. God, life is so unfair! Eddie has not had sex in 35 days people! Have a little sympathy!

Of secondary concern to Eddie is that he may be the next person voted off, but then we see Brenda pulling a JuliaCorinneMalcolm and suggesting to Dawn that they get rid of Cochran next instead. In hindsight, we should have realized that as soon as Brenda said this that she was a goner. It's what is known as a “pattern.”

Brenda seems to have an alliance brewing with Erik, but Erik has some other problems he’s dealing with — like a lack of nourishment. “I feel like I’m in prison now. I’m miserable here. This is the most beautiful prison I’ve ever been in in my life. These days are killing me. They are absolutely killing me.” Okay, first off, if it’s a prison, I would stay as far away from Eddie as possible, because now that all the hot babes are gone he may start looking for someone else who is slender and fit, with a beautiful blond head of hair to satisfy his sexual desires.

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