Survivor recap: Agony of Da Feet

The contestants must balance the pain of balancing on their feet with their desire for immunity as two players are sent out of the game
Ep. 12 | Aired May 1, 2013

TRIANGLE OF DOOM Reynold's last hope rested atop some weird birdhouse-looking structure

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Eventually the players must walk by Phillip and his ridiculous looking necklace to go cast their votes for Reynold, who is finally ousted. I gave him some well deserved guff for some of his comments, but Reynold made it pretty damn far for a guy who was on the outs from day number 2. He found multiple idols, and performed well in challenges. And I dig the way he went out with a big grin on his face. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of Reynold on Survivor — especially if he keeps that dope-looking mustache!

“The gunslingers take out another victim,” brags John Cochran back at camp, momentarily scaring the bejesus out of me that a painful new alliance name has just been coined. But Andrea is still dying to blindside someone, telling Cochran that “It needs to be Dawn or Brenda.” Big mistake. Why? Because Dawn is Cochran’s biggest ally. Andrea’s error here was laying too many cards on the table. Instead of willingly telling Cochran the name of two people she wants to get rid of, she should have fished for information instead. Information is power in this game. You hold back as much as possible while trying to obtain it from others. Unlike Christmas, this is the time when it is better to receive than to give. Instead of telling Cochran whom she wanted gone — a huge risk if he is closely aligned with either of them — she should have asked him if there were any Favorites he would want to get rid of. And this is the mistake that would come back to get her.

So JC does his best Dawn Meehan impersonation by immediately going to Brenda and Dawn and reporting on his private conversation with Andrea. Now Brenda wants to get of Andrea who still has the idol Erik gave her. Well, this should be interesting.

But first we have our second immunity challenge to get through. The players are instructed to push a buoy through a series of obstacles in the water to a post holding a key. They then use the key to unlock a chest containing ladder rungs which must be used to make a ladder that will be climbed so that a flag can be raised and a winner can be named. It’s a fine challenge — not one of the best of the season, but not a dog either. Erik completely smokes the competition in it to take the victory. Probst points out that the last time he won immunity, he gave it away and was voted out and asks if Erik will do the same here. “I’m way too scared,” replies The Silent One.

One person who doesn’t seem scared is Andrea, who continues on her “Brenda Must Go” campaign with Dawn and Cochran. "I wanted Brenda out," Andrea tells us. “I talked to everybody, and now she’s going.” OVERCONFIDENCE ALERT! OVERCONFIDENCE ALERT! Whenever you see someone practically giddy over pulling off a huge move in the game, there’s a good bet that person is about to be blindsided herself. Both Andrea and Cochran go to pull Erik over to their side, but who knows what Erik is thinking. Seriously, he could be busy mulling over exciting new ice cream flavors as far as we know. (“Hmmm, Cookies & Cream is good, but Cookies & Cream of Wheat is even better!”)

However, Andrea promises to bring Erik to the final three while Cochran does not. Will that affect his vote? Let’s head to Tribal Council to find out. And here comes the Jury, or, as I like to call them, Parade of Dudes! Michael, Phillip, Malcolm, Reynold — all dudes, all the time! Dudes with hair (Malcolm), dudes with flair (Michael), dudes with bright pink underwear (Phillip). And a dude with the most killer mustache this side of Magnum P.I.

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