Survivor recap: Agony of Da Feet

The contestants must balance the pain of balancing on their feet with their desire for immunity as two players are sent out of the game
Ep. 12 | Aired May 1, 2013

TRIANGLE OF DOOM Reynold's last hope rested atop some weird birdhouse-looking structure

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Surprise! Surprise! The two smallest women — with the smallest feet — remain.  And remain they do for three full hours. Why, they are there for so long that Jeff Probst resorts to drastic measures — unrolling his sleeves to protect his arms from the island breeze. I was actually seriously thrown by this for a second when I first noticed his sleeves. It just felt off. I like my Probst sleeveless, thank you very much. And yes, I realize how tremendously creepy that just sounded.

Andrea and Brenda attempt to strike a deal, but both want to win, so they finally impose their own fourth stage of the competition where they both decide to lift one leg to settle the victor sooner rather than later. This is pretty cool, kinda like when Skupin and Penner struck their own deal for the food reward and rice last season. I dig watching contestants bargain and come up with new rules. My only question is, how far can you take it? If Andrea and Brenda agreed that whomever could swim over and kick Jeff Probst in the crotch the hardest wins, does he have to sit there and take it? If they decide that the person who performs the best Ralph Malph impression wins it all, does Donny Most have to be flown in as a celebrity guest judge? And if they conclude that whoever can make Dawn cry first wins, do they have a tiebreaker plan in place…in case Dawn is already crying?!?

So many questions! But for now we’re stuck with the one-leg-in-the-air thing. Brenda falls in and Andrea wins both immunity and the clue to the immunity idol. Because Andrea promised to share the clue with Brenda, she wisely decides it would not be smart to keep it from the rest of her alliance, so she has them all join in the search. Unfortunately for her, Erik finds it, and there is no way after he handed over immunity last time and was promptly voted out that he will make that same mistake a second… STOP! WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING?!? ERIK JUST GAVE AWAY IMMUNITY FOR A SECOND TIME! HAS THIS MAN LEARNED NOTHING?!? I hereby take all my Reynold disses and dismisses and put them all on Erik instead. Good God, man!

Yes, Erik hands Andrea the idol because evidently that’s what ice cream scoopers do. Now that she has double immunity — which is kind of like double indemnity except with significantly less Fred MacMurray — Andrea is getting itchy to make a big move. While getting rid of Reynold is by far the smartest play at this point because he has no immunity, Andrea still would like to blindside someone because “I think that would be so much more exciting.” (Be careful what you wish for!) She tries to sell Dawn on getting rid of Brenda, which of course puts the woman on the edge of tears.

Dawn’s fragile state continues into Tribal Council when she openly acknowledges playing both sides. Probst calls it “one of the most honest things anybody has ever said at Tribal.” I call it “Someone who has probably gotten yelled at one too many times by Probst for dodging his questions and feels like she needs to give him something he can use for TV.” And I have no doubt my Dawn-loving friend Janae would agree with me.

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