Survivor recap: Stealth Was Him

A crazy tribal council. A voluntarily sit-out during an immunity challenge. What the heck happened on tonight's episode?
Ep. 10 | Aired Apr 17, 2013

NOT-SO-SPECIALIST Phillip Sheppard figures out it might not be the best idea to sit out of an immunity challenge.

Image Credit: Greg Gayne/CBS

Tribal council started normally enough. Cochran revealed that Reynold was the target number one. Phillip announced “that would have been a decision I made again and again” about sitting out a challenge. I wonder how he’ll answer that question when my colleague Grady Smith asks him tomorrow.  And then talk of the immunity idol began. And Malcolm takes out not one, but both of his necklaces and gives one to Eddie, so wholly undeserving, but lucky nonetheless.  There was so much to love about that moment, but my favorite part had to be watching Michael laughing hysterically from his lonely perch on the jury bench. “Malcolm announced the three amigos would be voting for Phillip. “Phillip is the fun sponge. He sucks it out of the group,” he explained.  The look on Phillip’s face! Not happy at all. Not at all. I imagine Corrine will play and replay and replay that moment about 30 more times this week. Anyway, just as it occurred to me that the boys don’t even need to play these, just get the favorites to scramble, Eric announced it as well. Shoot. The favorites, despite tons of scrambling, basically voted how they’d planned, with Eric deciding to vote for “fillup.”

I wondered if Malcolm would play his idol in the end. I thought he’d hold onto it, but good thing he didn’t because he would have gone home and that kick-ass tribal would have amounted to nothing. So Phillip got the boot. Millions of fans cheered. To me, the game is just about to get really good.

Lingering questions:

  1. Who knew Andrea was so on the outs with so many in her alliance? Plenty of her good buddies were ready to throw her under the bus.
  2. Did Malcolm do the right thing by giving away his idol? Yes, he changed the game by getting Phillip out, but he could have kept himself safe for two weeks instead of one. It’s not like he has a majority now. As a fan, I loved the move. But I’m still not sure it was the smartest one.
  3. Does this mean two idols are going back in play? I’m definitely going to ask Jeff Probst about that. Be sure to check back for that post first thing in the morning.
  4. Who emerges as the face of the favorites without Phillip? It seems like a lot of alliances within the alliance are about to be exposed. Dawn and Cochran seem to be one. Anyone else? All we know is that people don’t have the option of hiding behind kooky Phillip anymore.
  5. Sherri is a free agent again, as scenes from next week showed. Phillip was the only person tying her to Stealth R Us and the rest of the favorites want nothing to do with her, so she’d be crazy not to flip back to be with the guys.
  6. And if she does flip, once again, it all comes down to Eric. How on earth does it always come down to the guy who doesn’t game?

Please weigh in. What do you think is going to happen? I’ll tell you one thing that’s going to happen for sure: Dalton will be back next week.  That is, if he can find his two bottom teeth.

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