Survivor recap: The Spy Who Shacked Me

Tony's scheming doesn't seem to rattle anyone in his alliance except for Jefra, who must make a life-altering decision over ribs.
Ep. 09 | Aired Apr 23, 2014

INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY: Tony demonstrates that his bag of tricks is still chock full of surprising talents, including (but not limited to) prehistoric architecture, low-level espionage, and general sneakiness.

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Act III: I Know Where The Papaya Tree Grows

Back at camp, Tony and friends are bitter about the reward loss. While Tony can't stop ranting about the danger of Jefra eating ribs, his frustration falls on deaf ears because Trish refuses to talk strategy as there is fruit to be harvested. Clearly Trish's childhood board game inclinations involved less Stratego and more Hi Ho! Cherry-O. Trish enlists Woo to go fruit picking, which frees up time for Tony to search for an idol (to no avail) while poor Kass is left alone with her horrible green shirt and highly introspective mind.

Kass Says: “If I want a million dollars, I need to stick with this five.”
I Say: That’s not entirely true, boo. The fault in this logic is that Kass, who has the charisma of a cup of yogurt, really stands no chance of winning a million dollars at all, regardless of whether she makes the final three with Tony/Trish/Woo or Tasha/Spencer. Seriously, is anyone voting for Kass when this thing ends?

Kass Says: “Tony’s annoying, but my philosophy is to keep the annoying people and get rid of the threats.”
I Say: We know this 'keep the annoying' philosophy rings true for Kass—because J’Tia—but it’s interesting that in this instance Kass considers Tony to be more annoying than threatening. Obviously he's both, but she doesn't seem to recognize the inherent threat that comes with keeping Tony close. Yes, she recognizes that Spencer has to go, but she shouldn't be so quick to write off Tony as merely, harmlessly annoying.

Back to reality. Trish and Woo are off a-hunting for their own sweet pleasures: lemons (or is it limes?) and papayas. I choke on my Special K when Trish says the papayas look like Morgan’s boobs (BOOB-RELATED BURN! Dalton would be so proud.). She even makes Woo go get the fruit, and is thereby responsible for his death fall from the tree. It’s actually not as dramatic of an event as the preview made it look, but we did get Woo’s perhaps not-quite-right self-comparison to Sylvester Stallone hanging off a cliff. (Quick, find that movie!) Woo is hurting, but he’ll “break ass for papayas any day,” so yeah, that’s great. Thanks for the memories Woo.

In the Reward Cave, things go down exactly like you might expect—the ribs are delicious, and the talk of alliances even more so. Tasha and Spencer waste no time trying to reel in the still-fuming Jefra, who is obviously going to be a sure flip but pretends she needs a rib before making her decision (I can relate, as I have never made a large-scale life choice without first indulging in a babyback). Then the letters from home arrive and Jefra’s love of penmanship makes her break down entirely.

“This is I guess my sign that I should probably jump ships at this point,” she says, and with that, she seals a final four deal with Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremiah. But oho, don’t I laugh when she admonishes Jeremiah: “You’ve shook my hand before, buddy! I’m holding you to it this time.” I kind of love sassy Jefra in this episode. Up until now I had no idea she was actually that personable. True, she wears her heart on her sleeve more prominently than a Lisa Frank sticker on a 1993 Trapper-Keeper, but there’s an endearing honesty to her that, unfortunately, is just about the worst quality a player could have on Survivor.

NEXT: Oh, Jefra, you sweet impressionable piece of innocent, well-endowed clay…

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