Survivor recap: The Man Who Could Not Stand Still

Instead of being patient and following a laid out path to victory, Tony makes a bold move that could doom him in the end
Ep. 08 | Aired Apr 16, 2014


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Okay, now let’s get to a few odds and ends from this episode that we weren’t able to touch on yet.

• That shot at the beginning of the episode where Tony leans his torch against a tree only to watch it knock down all the other troches (which he then decided to leave on the ground and not pick up) pretty much summed up the entire episode. Perfect.

• Pretty fun reward challenge as the players were randomly divided intro three teams and then they had to throw a rope through a ring which would release 20 sand bags. Those sand bags then needed to be tossed through a tunnel and bounced off a trampoline into baskets. The green team, of course, ended up with a huge advantage after the random draw with three guys (Tony, Spencer, Jeremiah), while both the other teams were comprised of two women and one man. Thus the three guys who probably least needed and would enjoy a spa getaway ended up getting foot rubs and sporting swanky robes. I mean, it’s not like self-proclaimed baldie Tony even needed the shampoo when you think about it.

• I encourage everyone to check out this week’s Q&A with Jeff Probst when it goes up at 7am. He has some pretty candid comments about him not necessarily being crazy about memory challenges like the one that took place in tonight’s immunity competition when the contestants essentially played a glorified game of Simon. And I get why he says it. There’s not a lot of action happening as players just have to remember symbols — or as in this week’s contest, colors — in a particular order. But I may shock some of you when I say that I actually kind of like these games, and I’ll tell you why: These memory challenges are essentially the only opportunity that viewers have to play along at home. You can actually compete against the contestants and try to remember the order yourself and then see how you measure up. That is impossible to do in pretty much every other challenge, including ones with other types of puzzles. This is the only chance we as viewers have to truly compete head-to-head with the people on our screen we have come to love and/or loathe.

Now, granted, perhaps I am the only dorkasaurus who is lame enough to get a thrill performing challenges through his TV set against people that are 8,000 miles and 8 months away (because this was filmed last summer in the Philippines), but it’s still kind of fun. Don’t get me wrong, these things are best in small doses, but I hope the show does not get rid of them completely. Once a season seems about right. Oh, and props to Tasha for winning. And no props to Trish for missing the second color given, a performance that was truly J’Tia worthy. (Random thought: What happens if you are color blind and this challenge comes up? As the father of a color blind son who can’t distinguish between blue and purple, I can’t help but wonder.)

NEXT: Does Tony realize he no longer needs to lie about being a construction worker?

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