Survivor recap: Craziest Tribal Council Ever?

One nutty move after another transpires at Tribal Council, leaving everyone dazed and confused
Ep. 06 | Aired Apr 2, 2014

A CHALLENGING SITUATION The real test for the contestants was not just standing on platforms for as long as possible, but trying to make it out Tribal Council


Okay, let’s touch on some other memorable moments from the episode.

• The drama of Kass’ flip is only enhanced when viewed against the foreshadowing of the episode’s first few minutes where Spencer said, “If we merge tomorrow, that is the best news possible for this tribe because right now, we control the game. We have 6 and they have 5.” But Kass had a note of warning: “The best laid plains often lay sprawled out on a murder scene floor.” A murder scene fit for a cop, it seems — Sarah the cop.

• What happened to all the Survivor drunks? Remember that lush Jan back in Survivor: Thailand? Or the time Jonny Fairplay attended Tribal Council while completely lit? Hell, even Captain America himself, Tom Westman, fell on his face after consuming too much booze. But those scenes of pure hilarity never happen anymore. What’s the deal? Are they not supplying enough booze in the merge feasts? I wanna see some of these clowns stumbling on sand and walking into trees, dammit! Is that too much to ask for?

• Sarah’s statement that “I will decide the fate of this game” may have turned out to be the slightest of exaggerations. As did her statement that “I will make the decision on who goes home next. I get to decide. I’m the president right now.” Dude, if so, consider yourself impeached.

• I get why Kass was so annoyed with Sarah. Sarah was being totally inflexible and stubborn and then had the audacity to accuse Kass of bullying her. The grandest of irony is that the two people Sarah INSISTED They vote for — Tony and LJ — were the two people most likely to have idols and most likely to use idols, both of which happened. “I can guarantee Tony doesn’t have it,” Sarah said at one point about the idol. How can you guarantee such a thing?!? ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE WRONG?!? That would infuriate me beyond belief the same way it infuriated Kass. But I still would not have flipped. I just would have ditched Sarah at the first opportunity after knocking off Solana.

• There are few words that make me shudder more when it comes to Survivor that the word “footholds.” One of my pet peeves is when the show trots out challenges in which large men with large feet are forced to compete in endurance challenges in which they can only fit a much smaller percentage of their toes — which are supporting their already much heavier bodies — onto a foothold. It drives me crazy and I have asked Jeff Probst and challenge producer John Kirhoffer about it a million times. To their credit, they have said in the past that it is a valid note worth considering. So yes, I was super bummed when I saw this otherwise very cool redux of the Survivor: Caramoan “Bermuda Triangle” balancing on footholds in the water immunity challenge.

But wait! There was a difference! This time, they just had to hold on for 15 minutes per level — which everyone was able to do — and when they got to the top level this time, it was completely flat without a raised strip in the middle. That raised strip in Caramoan gave another final advantage to the petite feet (which is why it ultimately came down to tiny Brenda and Andrea). By eliminating that raised strip, we actually had a much fairer competition, and sure enough, this time it was two men left standing — Tony and Woo. Naturally the martial arts instructor/surfer ended up with the victory. Strong adjustment, producers. It’s impossible to make every single challenge “fair” but this was a nice way to lessen the clear advantage for certain physical types.

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