Survivor recap: Craziest Tribal Council Ever?

One nutty move after another transpires at Tribal Council, leaving everyone dazed and confused
Ep. 06 | Aired Apr 2, 2014

A CHALLENGING SITUATION The real test for the contestants was not just standing on platforms for as long as possible, but trying to make it out Tribal Council


After Tony blabbed about his idol and then LJ positively wasted his in giving it to the guy Aparri would now never vote for, the Solana side looked done. Put a fork in them. Even as the votes got to a 5-5 tie, clearly the next one would read Jefra since Aparri had the numbers. So I honestly am not sure I have ever been as shocked to see a last vote as I was here when the last name said Sarah. WHAT?!?!?! Look, I saw the pitch from Trish to Kass to come over to their side. But why would she? Sure, she and Sarah were butting heads and not getting along because Sarah kept pushing for them to vote for the two people in the tribe that had hidden immunity idols. But after that vote, Sarah would not be holding all the cards and they could put her back in her place. Let the woman have her moment. But, apparently, Kass just couldn’t.

Whenever a person flips, it is always to improve their positioning in the game. You’re on the bottom of one alliance, so switch sides to move up in the new one. Makes sense. But Kass just voluntarily moved into a worse position! Sarah may have been holding the alliance hostage with her vote for this go round, but the Brains were still in charge and had the numbers to enforce that. Was Kass just so blinded with her hatred for Sarah that she could not stand to play alongside her? It would seem so because I cannot come up with a single scenario in which this was a good strategic move. She just threw away a seemingly clear cut path to the final 3 with her Brains bunch to join a group that has already yelled out in plain English via their “TOP 5!” chant that they have no intention of allowing anyone else to make it to the end with them.

Can a lot change? Can Kass somehow make it to the end? Sure. But you do think she’ll now get any of the Aparri votes should she make it there? It’s why Spencer reacted by saying “Kass — zero chance of winning the game.” See, it’s not just about getting farther in the game. It’s about getting there in a way where people will want to give you the money. It’s the same way Cochran erred so heavily by refusing to pull colored rocks in South Pacific. That may have saved him from that vote and for a few more episodes — but any chances of winning the game that season died right there with him.

Now make no mistake, this move by Kass was positively delicious for us to take in as a viewer. But I don’t know what the hell she was thinking from a strategic standpoint. Her line about “I know she’s about to destroy the game. If she’s going to destroy the game, I want to have the preemptive strike. I want to destroy it” doesn’t hold water because had she sat there and done absolutely nothing at all, Jefra would have gone home and Kass’ team would have had a two person advantage and no longer needed to bend to Sarah’s demands. Everything would have been just fine. So what was she thinking? Well, in an exclusive, we have actually recovered Kass’ lists for reasons to side with both Aparri and Solana and can now present them for you here.

Reasons to stay with Aparri
Numbers advantage
Pretty much a guaranteed final 3 with Spencer and Tasha
Would be on very bottom of other alliance if I switched
Staying loyal to tribe will play well later when they are on jury

Reasons to flip to Solana
Get rid of Sarah
Get rid of Sarah’s stupid smug face
Watch Sarah’s stupid smug face as she gets her torch snuffed

Well, we saw which list won out. Of course, this wasn’t the first time Kass has flipped in this game. We’ll see if it’s the last.

Total number of Reichenbachs: 8

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