Survivor recap: Craziest Tribal Council Ever?

One nutty move after another transpires at Tribal Council, leaving everyone dazed and confused
Ep. 06 | Aired Apr 2, 2014

A CHALLENGING SITUATION The real test for the contestants was not just standing on platforms for as long as possible, but trying to make it out Tribal Council


The insanity began as LJ wondered out loud if there was some sort of big Survivor joke happening because no idols had come into play yet. But before he could fake wonder any more, Tony cut him off: “There’s idols. ‘Cause I got one and I’m gonna use it for my tribe.” WHY ARE YOU TELLING PEOPLE THIS?!? The new Aparri gang was all set to vote for Tony because Sarah guaranteed them that Tony did not have an idol. All Tony had to do was just keep quiet, they vote for you, you use it on yourself, and you’re good to go! Unless you are just trying to make them think you are bluffing about having one, which actually could be pretty ingenious. As long as you don’t show them you have it then this is not a complete catastrophe.

Total number of Reichenbachs: If 10 is the most boneheaded of bonehead moves, I’ll score this one a 3.

“You want to pull it out,” Spencer asked Tony, which is just a fantastic out-of-context quote if ever I heard one. All Tony had to do here was resist every singe urge in his body to throw his idol in the air and wave it like you just don't care. Essentially, Spencer was baiting Tony — counting on the fact that Tony would not be able to resist showing it off. “Don’t take the bait!” I found myself yelling at the TV. But deep down I knew he would. He can’t help it. Keeping that idol in that bag would have gone against fiber of his being. So, of course, Tony shows everyone the idol. And, of course, the Aparri gang all move their votes off of Tony, saying “the other one” over and over to each other. All Tony had to do was sit there, not open his mouth, not open his bag, and he could have used the idol later to deflect the Aparri votes. But he couldn’t resist.

Total number of Reichenbachs: 5

I guess I could put Tony forcing Probst to “validate” his idol as a WTF? move because that was a little bizarre, but I don’t have a huge problem with him then handing it over to LJ. That seems like a pretty fair assumption to make that the votes would move over that way. I mean, you could easily make the argument that Aparri would know that LJ was too obvious a person to target so would have anticipated Tony handing his idol to him so went in another direction with one of the women, but then we run into dangerous Princess Bride I-know-that-you-know-that-I-know-that-you-know-what-I-know territory. So I’m going to give that one a pass. But then, just as Probst was getting ready to read the vote, LJ cut in and announced — in the second best out-of-context quote of the evening — “Hold on, Jeff. I’d like to cover Tony’s ass myself.”

That’s right: LJ used his idol on the one guy on the tribe that everyone in the entire country of the Philippines knew Aparri would NOT be voting for. Is this the biggest wasted idol in the history of wasted idols? You have two totally open targets in Trish and Jefra just sitting there and you give it to Tony? I get the whole he’s making me safe, so I have to return the favor angle but this is about getting the numbers advantage, and you do that by covering the most likely targets, not the least likely one. At this point I was so thoroughly disgusted by how the Solana crew had handled this entire situation I was ready for them to get what they deserved. They had multiple opportunities to protect themselves and flip the script and they had flat-out blown it.

Total number of Reichenbachs: 8

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