Survivor recap: Hit It Or Quit It?

Lindsey pulls herself from the game as a preemptive measure to stop herself from a confrontation with Trish. Or so she says.
Ep. 05 | Aired Mar 26, 2014

POLE POSITION The tribes jockeyed for the top spot in both challenges and back at the beach

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But then Alexis one-ups Tony and starts reverse copying, screaming out Solana’s numbers. It’s too late. Solana wins, leading Tony to yell “Top 5! Top 5 baby!” at the top of his lungs because why wouldn’t you want to telegraph to everyone else that you have no intention of working with them at all? Also, are you asking them to not vote for you at final Tribal Council or what? Because that’s not exactly the best way to curry favor with a future jury. Just sayin’…

Back at camp, the beauties of the Aparri tribe are selling each other out like it’s a going out of business sale. Everyone says it will be Jeremiah being voted out, with Sarah going so far as to say, “You have my word. I will not flip.” But the decision will ultimately be made by the suddenly all-powerful Brains bunch. “We just needed people to boss around,” explains Kass of their newfound power. “The brain needed a body. We found our zombies, now we’re in.” FINALLY! I have been lobbying for Zombie Survivor FOREVER! Granted, there are hurdles. You don’t necessarily want your alliance-mates to, you know… eat you. Plus, zombies are totally unreliable when it comes to voting… which, yes, could be due to the fact that they are unable to actually write anything down on the parchment. Also, just gonna put this out there — not great conversationalists. That may seem like a small thing, but when you are stuck on an island for 39 days, you need something to pass the time. (Incidentally, it should be noted that there actually has been a Zombie Big Brother and it is as marvelous as you would think.)

At Tribal Council, the Beauties continue to devour each other, dissing and dismissing each other right and left. In the end, it is Alexis that is sent packing, and she does not take it well. Tears. Lots and lots of tears. Tears while she gets her torch snuffed. Tears as she walks into the cold blue light of death. And tears as she delivers her final words. She may still be crying somewhere for all I know. I feel kind of bad for her. I mean, she did pretty much nothing the entire game. I don’t remember her making one strategic move or contributing in a big way in any of the challenges. But unlike Lindsay, she at least seemed like she wanted to be there, and tried to convince the Brains to keep her. So, like I said, feel kinda bad. But just kinda.

But I am continuing to feel very good about this season. We are now six hours into Survivor: Cagayan with nary a dud episode yet. The cast is working. The production is working. The challenges are working. It’s all working. The question is, will it keep working once we get to phase 2 of the game next week with the merge? Here’s hoping so. And here’s hoping you also make sure to check out this week’s Q&A with hostmaster general Jeff Probst. You’ll also want to click on that video player below for an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode to see what Tony did with Lindsey's pants after she quit. And come back Thursday afternoon for our InsideTV Podcast interviews with Lindsey and Alexis. Of course, you can keep up to speed with all the Survivor news and views by following me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

Now it’s your turn? Do you think Lindsey did the mature thing by pulling herself from the game before she got into it more with Trish, or did she merely use that as a cop out? Liking or loathing Tony’s gameplay so far? And did Aparri get rid of the right Beauty? Hit the message boards to let us know and I’ll be back next week with another scoop of the crispy!

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