Survivor recap: Hit It Or Quit It?

Lindsey pulls herself from the game as a preemptive measure to stop herself from a confrontation with Trish. Or so she says.
Ep. 05 | Aired Mar 26, 2014

POLE POSITION The tribes jockeyed for the top spot in both challenges and back at the beach

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Either way LJ’s advice works because Tony wins, and then Woo does as well to give Solana the victory. And to the victor go the spoils — in this case in the form of a tribe raid! I love tribe raids. Mostly because I love the depressed looks on the faces of the people getting raided while their competition makes off with their most important items. Tony and Woo decide to steal the comfort stuff as well as the fishing gear. But wait! Twist within the twist: Tony and Woo have also been given a clue to the location of the hidden immunity idol back at their camp (the one that LJ already has). And Tony decides to do something very interesting: He says they should pretend it says to pick somebody to give an idol clue to “so we can burn them.” By doing so, they can target the person they believe to be the tribe’s strongest — in this case, Jeremiah — and try to get him voted out.

Clearly, Tony only knows one speed, and it is pedal to the metal. I’m not sure I’ve seen someone play so consistently aggressive from start to finish. Sometimes it is through intriguing moves like this that nobody else would even think of, and other times — like lying about being a cop or yelling “Top five, baby!’ at the top of your lungs — it is detrimental. But you have to respect the fact that like him or not, that dude came to play the game.

On one hand, I like Tony’s move here because it definitely planted seeds of distrust in the other tribe. On the other hand, the more he shows — and brags — to everyone how sneaky and underhanded he is, the less people are likely to trust him. That could prove costly later in the game. At this point, I’m not sure I even care either way. I’m just glad he’s giving us stuff to talk about. Also, I’m pretty sure Alexis doesn’t know what the word “paranoid” means, so just soak that in for a second.

And now let’s soak in the latest Survivor immunity challenge. This particular competition has the players use wooden poles to build a staircase, race through a bamboo maze and down a slide. Then one person must maneuver a key through a rope obstacle, use the key to unlock the machete, and then use the machete to release puzzle pieces. THEN, two tribe members have to use the pieces to solve a puzzle with three numbers to a combination lock, before allowing me to take a breath because those are way too many instructions for me to relay at one time. I guess I could have just said they do a bunch of stuff and then solve a puzzle — which would cover roughly 80% of all Survivor challenges — but I’m trying to do it justice. John Kirhoffer and his team put a crazy amount of work into concocting these games of awesomeness so the least I can do it map it out properly. (I still do need that breath, though. A beer wouldn’t hurt either.)

Aparri sits out Tasha and Morgan and away we go. Solona struggles to handle their own poles — sorry, couldn’t resist — so Aparri jumps into a big lead, but then the Woo Tribe Clan catches up in the bamboo maze. The teams are pretty much neck and neck until Tony stumbles while dealing with his lock. No matter, he makes up for it by copying the Aparri puzzle and relating it to Solana puzzle solvers Woo and LJ. (Hey, if it ain’t against the rules then it ain’t cheating. I’ve stated my position on this clearly several times. I don’t like the fact that contestants can often just look at what the other team is doing and copy off of them rather than solving it for themselves, but to not take advantage of that loophole is self-defeating. Just ask Kat Edorsson.)

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