Survivor recap: Cops 'R' Us

Sarah makes a blue blood alliance with fellow police office Tony. But can she trust him? (NO!)
Ep. 02 | Aired Mar 5, 2014

A FLUID SITUATION The Brawn tribe once again kicked Beauty and Brain butt in the challenge.

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Meanwhile, there’s a flurry of activity over on the Beauty beach. I believe I have the chronological timeline all worked out, and it goes a little something like this: LJ says Brice and Boobs McGee are on the outs and Brice is more dangerous so he will be going; Brice then tries to bring Jeremiah over to their side and vote out Alexis; Boobs McGee then says they have Jeremiah and need to get the Bland woman -- seriously, that is her name -- to form a new majority of four; the Bland woman then asks Jeremiah if he’s with Brice and Boobs McGee and he says no; and finally, the main alliance of four decides to split the vote in case either Brice or Boobs McGee pulls out an idol.

Okay, here’s a strategic question for you. If you are in that majority alliance of four, what scares you more: not splitting your vote and then possibly going home because of an idol, or splitting your vote and then possibly going home because one person flips and now three votes from the other side beats your top split vote of two? Think about it for a second. It’s not as easy a call as you might think. This is the first vote. You’ve only been out there for a few days. Can you really be that confident that all three of your alliance members are rock solid? What would you do? I asked Jeff Probst the same question and -- seamless plug alert! -- you can read his answer in this week’s Q&A.

Let’s head to Tribal Council to see if the vote-splitting strategy works. Boobs McGee kicks things off by saying how much she likes being on the Beauty tribe because they all have incredible faces, and you can’t really argue with that. I mean, you could, but it’s just too damn easy so why bother? We also learn that Brice is “at the butterfly stage of my life” and apparently the butterfly stage of life still allows for plenty of sass as he complains about some of the women on his tribe by telling Probst that, “I feel like everybody should pull their own weight around camp,” which is promptly followed by a “Dot Dot Dot” and a Miss Thang Face.

After some more “talk of the town,” we get to watch a three-way between Alexis, Brice, and Boobs McGee that does not even come close to being as awesome as it sounds. With two votes apiece, those three are not allowed to revote, and the others go back up and unanimously kick Brice to the curb. “Clearly they wanted the cutest, most fashionable member out first,” says Brice in his final words. Yes, clearly. “I really hope Morgan does well and to the rest of their people I don’t even remember their names.” Really? I mean you just wrote the name Alexis down on a piece of parchment, like, five minutes ago! Are you DOT DOT DOT sure? Whatevs. We never really saw enough of Brice to see what kind of player he would have been. He appeared to be making moves, which is a plus. But the moves he made -- like aligning himself with the one person clearly on the outs -- didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Some would argue neither did putting him on the Beauty tribe.

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