Survivor recap: Mudslingers

Chaos Kass is unleashed yet again while Tony makes a dangerous move and Spencer moves one step closer to victory
Ep. 12 | Aired May 14, 2014

HERE'S MUD IN YOUR EYE The players got down and dirty for pizza


But if there is one thing you can absolutely count on at every Tribal Council, it is hearing Spencer talk as he casts his vote, and once again we are treated to the his wit and wisdom as he votes for Trish. (Someone needs to go back and count how many times the show has featured Spencer’s vote-off comments because I swear it has to be a record at this point. He could probably get up there and say something completely random like "San Dimas high school football rules!" and they'd still include it.)

So Tony plays his non-special idol, trying to make the others think that the special one can be used at the final four vote — a pretty smart move since Probst does not make any sort of announcement that all idols are null and void after the vote down from five to four. And then it is revealed that Trish was not only voted out, but voted out unanimously. On her way out, Trish seems to let bygones by bygones, wishing the others good luck on her way out. Surely, Kass will do the same, right? Actually, she gives Trish the finger. (And stop calling me Shirley.)

Does Kass not understand that at the final Tribal Council you want votes? Because right now she ain’t getting any with that finger-waving act. So bizarre. Voting Trish out was also a dangerous move for Tony and I will explain why. While Tony has certainly gone back on his word in ousting LJ and Jefra, they were Beauties. If he stayed true to Trish and Woo he could make the argument that he always stayed loyal to the people from his original tribe that were in his true alliance. Now that argument has been smashed to smithereens. So while Tony made the right deduction that beating Kass is easier than beating Trish, he may have lost votes to other people he would be facing in the finals due to the fact that the jury will ultimately view him as loyal to absolutely no one. Say what you will about Russell Hantz, but he stuck with Natalie, Mick, and Jaison to the final 4. (Of course, that didn’t work out so hot for him either, as Natalie rode Bitter Jury Syndrome all the way to the million dollar prize.)

This move could come back to haunt Tony. While Probst said at the close of the episode that, “it is anybody’s game to win,” I don’t think that’s necessarily true. It still feels like Spencer or Tony. If Spencer makes the finals, the game is his. No question. If he doesn’t make the finals, you have to figure that the jury despises Kass so she’s out. No doubt they all think Woo is a swell guy, but does anyone there have any respect for his gameplay? If you’re voting on who played better — and not whom you like more — you have to give the money to Tony. In any event, we’ll find out next week. No doubt Trish will be watching with plenty of peanut M&Ms in hand.

But now it’s time to find out where Survivor: Cagayan ranks on my updated Survivor season rankings. I gotta say, Survivor has been on a serious run lately. Who would have thought after the debacle of One World that we would talk about the show being on what I would deem its hottest streak ever? And who would have thought years ago that the show would be cranking out some of its best seasons ever as we approach season freakin’ 30? So without further ado, here are the rankings.

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